Surprise by hubby

Saturday…. We are going to visit my hubby’s mother in Normandy. She’s living in a home for elderly. 

As we couldn’t have our romantic Valentine’s evening as we planned, hubby proposed to go eat out in the village near his mother’s. But when we leave her, it’s still too early for diner. We decide to explore the countryside before looking for a restaurant. When we arrive on the national road, hubby asks if I am ready for a little bit of crazy. 

And here we go for the seaside to my favorite place : Honfleur !

We had an awesome trip taking small roads. So many lovely villages and magnificent houses.

View of Honfleur by night.

We visited this stunning antiques shop.

We had diner in a Brasserie. A lot of dishes with French cheese Camembert and a glass of apple cider.


Cinnamon cake

I was in need of a homemade cake. Easy peasy with Dr Ötker’s boxes.Love those boxes. The cakes are always a success. Really easy to prepare. You just add butter, eggs and milk. You follow the recipe  and put it in the oven and then eaaaaaaat!

Galette Bretonne

Homemade diner Galette Bretonne

Whole wheat pancake with goat cheese and ham served with white rice and lettuce 

Lush hand cream and tooth powder

Yesterday I wentvto Lush to get me a cream for my finger tattoos. I have tried a whole lot of creams but nothing has really calmed the itching and burning.

I found this amazing nourishing cream : Helping Hands. It’s made with almond, cacao butter and camomile. The result on my tattoos is stunning. The very moment I applied tge cream for the first time I felt a real relief. I have applied it for four times now and my skin has become less itchier and softer. Cream adopted.

  On the top of the cream you can see my tooth fairy pot! I had to try this powder. It’s glittery and has a strawberry scent.

You wet your toothbrush and you put the powder on the brush. Afterwards it’s smoother than a classic toothpaste. I like the fruity taste. It’s refreshing.


Look of the day February 16th

Whohooooo couldn’t resist the last bargains of winter sale.

A quick tour at Mango and H&M and voila. Got a fab faux fur coat. Leopard style looks just so pinup paired with a destroyed jeans and a pair of chic flats.


Walking through Paris

Today I got back my missing piercing on the lower lip.

I went to Abraxas near Chatelet. Really nice and warm welcome. The piercer makes you feel reassured and was really professional.

I got a date for a new tattoo on my left gand for last Saturday of February. I don’t know if I tell you or if it remains a surprise. However I am super excited to get a new one. It’s an obsession I guess.

I took some pics of Paris on my way back to the subway. Hope you will appreciate discovering the streets of Paris.




Diner for Valentine’s Day

We hadn’t had time to really celebrate the day… So I made a special diner the day after!

You know the French hot sandwiches called Croque Monsieur? That would be two slices of white soft bread with ham and cheese.

We had another kind of Croque Monsieur. You prepare an onion chutney with red onions, red wine and sugar. Place the chutney on the bread. We had country soft bread with whole wheat and corn. You can put some butter on the outer side of the bread slices. That gives the bread a golden colour in the oven. On the chutney you put cheese slices. We had a French cheese called Port Salut. That is a quite savoury kind of cheese.

Put your sandwiches in the oven just to make  melt the cheese. Serve your Chutney Croque with green salad and fresh tomatoes. You can put a spoon of onion chutney on your salad.

And dessert : hot waffles with melt dark chocolate and homemade whipped cream.

Yessss I did my first homemade whipped cream. It was just killing me …. Sooooo delicious!

February 15th make-up

As every day I wear a scarf. I think that I will stay with scarfs for some months. It’s the easiest way to get decent hair. I want to let it grow…. But starting from a very short pixie cut is really difficult.

I hate thoses lengthes that don’t look like a proper haircut. I am so tempted to cut.

So far about hairstyle…

I have been using cosmetics by Nyx for several weeks now. Some products like the roll on eyeshadow I wear today are totally amazing. The colour is vivid and it stays in place the whole day. Same conclusion for the violet liquid eyeliner. It’s easy to apply and doesn’t fade or smudge during hours.

However I am deceived by the liquid lipstick lingerie. It’s a wonderful colour in brown.

The lipstick dries quickly and the colour wears off…. I have tried to mix it with a gloss. That kind of helps but you cannot wear it alone.

What I ate today February 14th 2917

Diner was simple : fresh pasta with shrimps that I grilled with an onion in olive oil. I added a topping made of concentrated tomatoes and cream cheese.

Valentine’s day 2017

I loooooove Valentine’s Day.

I know that it’s business.

I know that singles hate this day.

But all those love stuff is just so totally cute. I’m in love with love. And I am happy to recognize that I am a commercial whore, totally captured by media. No problem, let’s have fun!

So I write poems about love. I post pics on instagram and I get a Chinese takeaway to share with hubby in office.2017-01-212017-01-21-17-03-27