Beauty addicted

Yes yes yes … I know that I’m a bit addicted to beauty products. But really all types! I love make-up. I must admit that my beauty case cannot close anymore.

One of my sale bargains, lovely box with perfume, shower gel and body cream.

What a girl needs for a home spa!

Nailart … Omg can’t stop

Even a calendar waiting for Xmas

And don’t forget hair

Facial creams

My make-up collection 💄


Today’s makeup 😍

Underneath all the products I used in pics.

I started with a cream. CC cream by Sephora. Evens cuts, hydrates and brightens. Promised on the tube and it’s true!

Next step : compact powder and strobing highlighter. I put the highlighter on my cheekbones and browbones. Using a brush and fingers to blend.

Add eye shadows and eyeliner. I use Manhattan eye shadow base. I luv eyeshadow. So I buy them on a regular basis. I mix different brands : Nyx and a no name I bought on

Almost finished 👌: now add the lashes. I buy mine on Wish. com You get them for a bargain 2€ or 3€ shipping included. They last really long, like I can wear them at least 5 times.

Glamour your brows. For me this is essential. Using Anastasia Beverly Hill’s dark brown brow gel. Applying the gel with a small brush.

Time to enhance those lips. Summer is the best moment for a pink lipstick. Got mine on sale from Urban Decay. It stays all day long even when you have a drink and snack. 

Final result. You like it? 

Have a grrrrreat day loves 😍💄

Summer make-up

Good morning my loves. Hair growing …. Don’t know if I keep it or shave it. I’ll decide later about that. Thinking about a buzzcut and new colour.

For today, I just went for a summer make-up. Light eyeshadow with my adorable palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills, green lipstick by Kiko and lashes from Wish.

Brows by Anastasia Beverly Hills using a dark brown gel.

Make-up may 3rd

Blue and yellow eyeshadow by Nyxcosmetics.

Black mascara by Essence.

Pink lipstick by Loreal.

Make-up green and violet

Make-up in green and pink glitter eyeliner 💄 violet lips 💜

Using a white eyeshadow and green glitter roll-on eyeshadow by Nyxcosmetics. 

A fine winged line with the pink glitter eyeliner by Nyxcosmetics. 

I love the xxl rock ‘n roll mascara by Essence. It really gives a kind of fake lashes touch. My eyelashes haver never been so long and thick. Approved 100%

Brows are enhanced with dark brown browgel by Anastasia Beverlyhills.

I used the butter liquid lip gloss by Nyxcosmetics in a violet shade. It’s necessary to apply several layers.

Makeup of the day

What I used today for my make-up. I’m totally in love with Anastasia Beverly Hills.

The black lipstick by Loreal is mega cool.

What kind of lipstick colour do you prefer? Please comment below. I’d be happy to know.

Smurf hair and smurf eyes

And I finally got my eyeshadow palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance plus the brow cream.

Amazing. The packaging is so chic,like pale pink velvet on the cover. The colours are so beautiful. I just had to buy it.

I also received my unicorn make-up brush set from Wish. It cost about 13€ shipping included. Seems quite good quality. The design is just perfect.