Chocolate nut muffins

I just used a pre mix for American chocolate muffins and added a chocolate icing and grilled almonds.

Kirsch-Mandel Schnitte

It's a premix with nut flour, add 2 eggs, oil and cherries. You sprinkle with almonds. Put into the oven for 20 minutes.


Recipe for a mango cheesecake without baking. Let in the fridge for one night. What you need : 500g ricotta 300g cream cheese 20 cookies of your choice 50g butter 2 eggs Gelatin Mango Prepare the gelatin. Mix the mango. Put it aside. Mix ricotta, cream cheese and yellow eggs. Turn the white of the … Continue reading 🍥CHEESECAKE🍥


Kind of cookie 🍪 crispy on the outside, mellow on the inside. Dark chocolate with a hint of coffee.

Waffles and nothing else

Waffles chocolate topping whipped cream .... 💋

Banana shortbread

I wanted to taste and bake shortbread for a long time. Now that I'm planning my fall trip to London, I looked for a recipe and found this banana shortbread. Ingredients : Flour 250g Sugar 100g Butter 180g 2 bananas Smash the bananas. Heat the butter to make it smooth. Mix butter and sugar, add … Continue reading Banana shortbread