Water Wasser Eau

Bad Kissingen under the waters. Every year the gardens are floated. During winter the town never escapes the under water period.

Bad Kissingen connaît des inondations tous les ans pendant l’hiver. La ville n’y échappe jamais.

Jedes Jahr ist Bad Kissingen überschwemmt. Kein Winter ohne das der Park unter Wasser steht.

Hiking trip Kreuzberg

Every time we come to our home in Bavaria, we take the time for a hiking trip to the Kreuzberg. This time it was magical to walk through the white woods. Snow had transformed the landscape into a new world. It was kind of rediscovering this well known path.

You can distinguish the snow on the summit. On the parking lot the meadows are still green.

As we climb and get higher, the snow gets thicker.

After 2 hours walking in the snow and the cold air, it’s wonderful to eat a hot lentils soup.

Ice sculptures …

Inoui got a winter coat. He’s so proud!

Kissinger Hütte

Tonight hubby invited me for a lovely diner on the summit of the Feuerberg. I appreciate so much the rustic interior of this pub. The meals are simple yet delicious. It’s typical Bavarian dishes.

Hiking trip Rhön

You can do amazing hiking trips here in the North of Bavaria. The highest summits almost reach 1000m altitude.

We did a fabulous trip starting right off from our house in Stangenroth, climbing up to the Schwarze Berge, first stop at the Würzburger Haus, then in the shadows of the woods to the Kissinger Hütte. Big break well earnt with beer, Obazda (bavarian cheese dish) and a meat/cheese salad for hubby. The way back to Stangenroth is eaaaaasyyyyyy ….. Down down down….. No more climbing 😁

A week in Unterfranken

Unterfranken is a part of the northern area of Bavaria, Germany.

Bad Kissingen

Kaffe und Kuchen bei Mama

Coffee and homemade cake at my Mom’s

Sculptured tree in Stangenroth

Snow on the top of the Kreuzberg

And so many flowers on the way …

Easter decorations in Stangenroth

Evening in the Luitpoldpark in Bad Kissingen

Ready for a new day and amazing discoveries with Inoui.

Visit of Hammelburg

Kissinger Strasse

Obere Stadtmauer

Coffee and cake


Am Marktplatz


Attention : if you see me, it’s too late!


And we continue in small romantic roads until the small village Morlesau

Next stop was the romantic village of  Gräfendorf

Another stop in Gemünden where the river Sinn joins the river Saale.

Time for a treat

Now that we are revived, we are ready to climb up to the remainings of the ancient fortress Scherenburg

Bats are welcome in the Scherenburg

On the road back home we discover the lovely valley of the river Sinn and its wild lilies. Imagine thousands of lilies covering the meadows.