💄Six Weeks of Self Love – I Love Myself Because …💄⠀

•I am finally in peace with my body and my mind. I no longer try to ressemble other women. I am ME. You like who I am you you hate who I am. It doesn’t matter. I’m in peace with myself. I am not a super model. I am not extremely rich. I don’t have a mega job. But I’m proud of what I have gained in life. I have earned what I oen all by myself. I don’t anything to anyone.
I’m proud to be a Villainette for my sisters help me every single day to love and appreciate the person I’ve become.


Being cool is being your own self,

Not doing something someone else

Is telling you to do.

😎Vanessa Hudgens😎

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Be different

Fear of the judgment

Fear not being accepted

Fear my differences are shocking

Fear of not fitting in

Fear of saying fuck off

Not any more!

Power to the weirdos!

Power to differency!