Red flamboyant hair

Schwarzkopf Live permanent hair color .... Tested and adopted The mixture is creamy and smells nice. The result is an intense red.

Stripes are cool

Photoshoot near the Stravinsky Fountain in Paris Coat by Zara Trousers by Topshop Shoes ..... Whoops don't remember 🙊 Striped shirt by Topshop Shoes are by Kiabi ... Lol I finally remember. I'm not used to buy this brand. Photos realized by my man @mastermachiavel on Instagram

Do not dissect a rainbow

Super Stay Matte Ink

I found my new best lippie 💋 It's a pure hazard! I went for some errands in the drugstore and as hubbs made me waiting I went inspecting the beauty department. What did you expect? And there was this promotion for Maybelline make-up. I saw this one : Super Stay Matte Ink Recently I prefer … Continue reading Super Stay Matte Ink

💖Cc cream by Sephora💖

You can use it as replacement for foundation It nourishes the skin. The product is lighter than classic foundation and lets the skin breathe. You can either leave it or add a loose powder.


Yes it's this moment again. On my way to a new tattoo. I'm a bit in advance and don't want to wait in the shop. I slow down my steps and mysteriously my body leads me to Sephora. Their proper brand is really good quality and not expensive. I wanted to try their non transfer … Continue reading 💄SEPHORA💅


If everything that is made beautiful and fair and lovely is made for the eye of one who sees. ❤Rumi❤

En rouge et noir

Red and black, really elegant for an office outfit Jacket by Kiabi Shoes by Auchan Trousers by Tropics Top found in a second hand shop

Killer Queen Kate Perry

On vacation in Germany I just had to go to Müller  (drugstore). They have amazing stuff you don't find in France. I didn't know the perfume by Kate Perry "Killer Queen". I got the box containing 15ml natural spray perfume and a 75ml royal shower gel for only 4€ 😎 I luv the fragrance and … Continue reading Killer Queen Kate Perry