💖Cc cream by Sephora💖

You can use it as replacement for foundation
It nourishes the skin. The product is lighter than classic foundation and lets the skin breathe.
You can either leave it or add a loose powder.


Yes it’s this moment again. On my way to a new tattoo. I’m a bit in advance and don’t want to wait in the shop. I slow down my steps and mysteriously my body leads me to Sephora.

Their proper brand is really good quality and not expensive.

I wanted to try their non transfer lipstick. I found a dark green. The color looks stunning.

It’s got a foam tip inside which makes applying super easy.

It stays during hours and doesn’t transfer on cups, glasses or hubby.

If you buy 2 mono eyeshadow, you get the holder for free. I like the idea to build your own palette.

Added a red metallized ink eyeliner. I like the tip which allows to draw super fine lines.

Dress by New Look

Sale is healthy for a shopaholic like me. It’s the moment of the season to complete your dressing with nice items which you absolutely don’t need. But your shopping instinct clearly drives you inevitably in the direction of all those lovely shops. All those shopping windows displaying a whole lot of wonderful pieces waiting to move into your yet overfilled dressing. Sale helps a lot to satisfy my urgent need for new clothes without my accountant at the bank getting s heart attack.

Dress by New Look

Denim jacket by NafNaf

Flats by C&A

Bag by Justfab

Lashaddict ????

Got those giganormous lashes in violet and a matte pink lippy 💃🏼

Just a bit makeupjunkie 😁

And perhaps a bit lashaddict 🤗

Sephora haul

I love sale in Sephora stores. You can get so amazing bargains. I thought you’d like to discover my latest Sephora haul. 🤣

Day cream : always good to have a facial cream in stock. So I bought 2!

Liquid compact foundation by Estee Lauder at 50% off …. Who could resist?

Dewy glow foundation by Loreal, a must have😚

Pink lippy by Urban Decay on sale, no way that I leave this beauty in the store.💄

Whipped cream highlighter??? Ohhhhhh…

Those two were not on sale, but I really needed new nail scissors and this bottle to fill with my preferred perfume I was looking for since ever 😋

Aaaaaaand got those samples 💋

Do you buy beauty products on sale? Leave a comment and let’s chat😍

Xoxo Vera 💋


Today’s makeup 😍

Underneath all the products I used in pics.

I started with a cream. CC cream by Sephora. Evens cuts, hydrates and brightens. Promised on the tube and it’s true!

Next step : compact powder and strobing highlighter. I put the highlighter on my cheekbones and browbones. Using a brush and fingers to blend.

Add eye shadows and eyeliner. I use Manhattan eye shadow base. I luv eyeshadow. So I buy them on a regular basis. I mix different brands : Nyx and a no name I bought on Wish.com

Almost finished 👌: now add the lashes. I buy mine on Wish. com You get them for a bargain 2€ or 3€ shipping included. They last really long, like I can wear them at least 5 times.

Glamour your brows. For me this is essential. Using Anastasia Beverly Hill’s dark brown brow gel. Applying the gel with a small brush.

Time to enhance those lips. Summer is the best moment for a pink lipstick. Got mine on sale from Urban Decay. It stays all day long even when you have a drink and snack. 

Final result. You like it? 

Have a grrrrreat day loves 😍💄

Green blue make-up

How to do this summer make-up💄🍹🌈

It’s the season when you should definitely apply super colours 🌈 Don’t be shy to experiment with the amazing lipsticks you can find everywhere. I love Kiko lippies. The colour stays forever. And the price you pay is just so reasonable, like less than 7€.

Here is a pic of all the products I used. It didn’t take too long to create this look. I’m not in the mood in the morning to spend much time in front of the mirror, just the time to tame the monster that peeks back at me.

First things first: apply a good day cream. No foundation for me, just loose powder by Kate Von D. My skin hates foundation. Popping out small buttons and spots. 😣

And now my preferred part, applying all those lovely colours on my eyes, starting with the green shadow stick by Nyxcosmetics. This pencil is large and smooth, easy to apply. I apply it on the whole lid. Then I use the blue pencil by Kiko. This one is finer, but very smooth too. I apply it on the lash line. After that using the blue larger pencil by Miss Cop on the line under the inferior lashes. And a fine winged line of the blue ink eyeliner by H&M. Two or three strikes of black mascara by Essence. I always use Rock ‘n Roll. My lashes look long and full and it doesn’t smudge during the day. 🎸

Hope you all have fun this summer🎶❤💄

Would love to hear about your ideas for summer makeup. Leave a comment, let’s chat 😍

No make-up challenge

I’m off work for 5 days. So I decided to give some vacation to my skin too. I think it’s important to let the skin breathe without make-up.

 Every single day, I apply day cream, foundation, loose powder, blush, eyeshadow, highlighter, mascara, lipstick …..

For my holiday, I will only use these two creams by Loreal. Revitalift Laser X3. I’ve been those creams for several weeks now. The day cream is smooth and lightly scented. It hydrates well without leaving a greasy film on your skin. The night version is more liquid and oily. The skin is deeply nourished during your sleep.

I also eliminated any trace of glue, gel and nailpolish on my nails.

I only use Helping Hands by Lush. It’s an amazing cream. It has got a lovely scent and your hand cuticles become totally smooth.

Have you already stopped make-up and nailpolish for several days? If so, I would love to hear about your experience.

Xoxo 💋


Contouring tutorial

Today, I am going to give a quick tutorial on contouring with photos. The first step of a good contour is complexion makeup. That means primer, colour corrector if needed, concealer, foundation and setting powder. Evening out your skin tone and setting it properly will allow for a smooth contour and overall flawless look. You can use liquid or powder foundation, my preference is liquid. Make sure your complexion products match your skintone and work well for your skin type.


Once you have set with powder, you can start using your powder contour products. I always start with a bronzer but you can also use a matte bronze tone from a contour kit. To figure out where to place your bronzer, touch your face and discover where your cheekbone ends. You are going to place your bronzer above that, blending it onto your cheek to warm up your face, add dimension and serve as a base for the next contour colour for a seamless look. I always bronze my chin starting behind my ear.
You can also bronze your forehead if you desire to minimize it.




Last, you want to add a shadow colour right where the cheekbone ends and blend it up into your bronzer. The use of warm and cool tones together will create the illusion of a shadow and a popping cheekbone as well as a slimmer face. I am using a cool tone contour colour from a Kevyn Aucoin palette but any will do.



And there you have it! A simple contour. If you desire to have a stronger contour, you can always add a darker shadowy tone or use more product. Here is the finished result on my face:



Tutorial written and photographed by @neuroticvixenmakeup

Look February 23rd

New experience to do my make-up as a smurf girl.


I used some amazing products by Nyxcosmetics. As you must have realized, I am a tiny bit addicted to Nyx.

For eyes I used as a base a green glitter eyeshadow. I wouldn’t buy it again for I am not happy to apply it. The result is a nice colour, but I don’t succeed in applying it as easily as with a brush.


Then I created a sort of eyeliner with the blue primal colour. Amazingly intense.


I should definitely get more primal colors. Lol. For mascara a black one by Sephora. I have used it for months and it’s still as the first day. A good choice. How about your mascara? Any preferred brands or colours? I love to hear about your make-up habits.


Now my new mosaic blush. Isn’t it cute? The result is a mix between red and orange.



And this trio for brows. The wax should help to make it stay in place. For the moment I like the packaging. It’s easy to use and comes with two brushes.


The green lip gloss is from Wish. I paid 2€. It’s the same quality as Nyx Lingerie. Unfortunately it dries out quickly on the lips. So I apply the green lip gloss first anf top it with my Wicked Lippie by Nyx. The Wicked Lippie  is a rather creamy lipstick. It helps the lip gloss to remain smooth. By the way, I like the mix of two shades.

Do you mix shades for lips?


I am wearing a black top by Zara and a black pencil skirt by IKKS. Boots are by Justfab.

Wish you a an awesome days my loves.






Boots by Justfab