Chocolate nut muffins

I just used a pre mix for American chocolate muffins and added a chocolate icing and grilled almonds.

Kirsch-Mandel Schnitte

It's a premix with nut flour, add 2 eggs, oil and cherries. You sprinkle with almonds. Put into the oven for 20 minutes.

Veggie diner and Oreo cake

When you mix Indian,Asian and Bavarian meals you can eat this. It's a vegetarian dish. Knödel, Samossa and Nems. Found this oreo cake box in Germany. You just add butter and milk. You put it in the fridge for 2 hours.


Recipe for a mango cheesecake without baking. Let in the fridge for one night. What you need : 500g ricotta 300g cream cheese 20 cookies of your choice 50g butter 2 eggs Gelatin Mango Prepare the gelatin. Mix the mango. Put it aside. Mix ricotta, cream cheese and yellow eggs. Turn the white of the … Continue reading 🍥CHEESECAKE🍥

Banana shortbread

I wanted to taste and bake shortbread for a long time. Now that I'm planning my fall trip to London, I looked for a recipe and found this banana shortbread. Ingredients : Flour 250g Sugar 100g Butter 180g 2 bananas Smash the bananas. Heat the butter to make it smooth. Mix butter and sugar, add … Continue reading Banana shortbread

Blueberry cheesecake

This cake needs no oven, just a fridge. What you need : 3 boxes of fresh cheese Philadelphia 300g yoghurt Stevia instead of sugar Fruits of your choice Three layers of smooth dough Cream for the whipped cream Gelatin Start by preparing the gelatin : mix one bag with 4 teaspoons of water and wait … Continue reading Blueberry cheesecake

Cinnamon cake

I was in need of a homemade cake. Easy peasy with Dr Ötker's boxes.Love those boxes. The cakes are always a success. Really easy to prepare. You just add butter, eggs and milk. You follow the recipe  and put it in the oven and then eaaaaaaat!

Cooking ….

I love cooking. You will find a lot of pics of my creations in kitchen. This one is really easy to achieve. It's a rather healthy breakfast : cut a banana, an apple and mix with a low fat yoghurt, you can take fruit yo, that's even tastier! I love this kind of breakfast. Afterwards … Continue reading Cooking ….