Vegetarian meals are so tasteful and easy to prepare. Generally when I go shopping I buy a lot of preserved veggies, various deep frozen food and add a variety of sauces. You should always have quinoa, rice, noodles at home. This is cheese filled puffy pastry with rice and salsify topped with a curry/coconut sauce.

💄Veggie steak beans rice💄

Veggie steak made of soya and sweet peas, served with baked red chili beans and spicy rice.

Sausage and salsify

Put some sausage with a bacon/cheese coat in an oven ready plate. Add salsify and top them with some herbs.

Vegetarian? Yes but ….

Vegetarian, vegan, healthy food .... Oh my God, the internet is overfilled with healthy people and wonderful photographies of healthy food. Happy cooking women who look gorgeous and fit! And here I am, Mom of two adult children, 43 years old, having a fulltime job, commuting from Monday to Friday, two days off for the … Continue reading Vegetarian? Yes but ….

Waffles and nothing else

Waffles chocolate topping whipped cream .... 💋

Pizza and salad

Easy diner .... A slice of pizza and salad with fresh tomatoes.

Easy cooking

You don't have to spend monstrous amounts of time in your kitchen to prepare a decent diner. Pop some pre-cooked gnocchis in a saucer and fry them for five minutes. Add a slice of ham, lettuce and fresh tomatoes.

Bayrisch essen

Fleischkäse mit gebratenen Semmelknödel Salat Tomaten

Diner for Valentine’s Day

We hadn't had time to really celebrate the day... So I made a special diner the day after! You know the French hot sandwiches called Croque Monsieur? That would be two slices of white soft bread with ham and cheese. We had another kind of Croque Monsieur. You prepare an onion chutney with red onions, … Continue reading Diner for Valentine’s Day

What I ate today February 14th 2917

Diner was simple : fresh pasta with shrimps that I grilled with an onion in olive oil. I added a topping made of concentrated tomatoes and cream cheese.