Golden frame

I found some old frames for a bargain on ebay. It’s so much fun redecorating.

Renovating and decorating

Every time we go to our second home in Bavaria, we take the time to make big and small improvements. It takes a lot of time for we do all by ourselves. However,it’s extremely satisfying to achieve our goals.

Adding a new bespread and cushions for the master chamber

Equally done for the guestroom

Adding curtains to the dining room

Curtains for the stairway

Beginning to improve the kitchen

Adding a new dog bed

Renovating the entry

Decorating the bathroom

I have already shown you a part of our new bathroom decoration. I found a new thingy to plant your interior green plants. Those are tiny balls that are growing big when put into water. Have a look how that decoration looks with an orchid.

Steps to realize :

Redecorating the bathroom

I’m so happy we are actually redecorating our bathroom. We had planned it for so long.


Redecorating…. I just love redecorating our house… New frames and curtains for the kitchen. I’ll post another pic later to show you the result !

I have spent the whole day rearranging the first floor. This afternoon did some gardening for the sun was  hot like on a summer day.

Now back is hurting and I’m tired, but feeling happy and relaxed.

Do you like decoration? What are your fav hobbies?