Redecorating the bathroom

I'm so happy we are actually redecorating our bathroom. We had planned it for so long.

Quick Monday post

Helllllloooooo new day new week new look new life ..... Nooooo just kidding ! But speedy this morning. Got up late, lost my plug in the bed .... Tried to make a nice make-up. Hubby will have to help at lunch to take some pics of the ootd. Sunny days seem to return. Possible to … Continue reading Quick Monday post


Redecorating.... I just love redecorating our house... New frames and curtains for the kitchen. I'll post another pic later to show you the result !   I have spent the whole day rearranging the first floor. This afternoon did some gardening for the sun was  hot like on a summer day. Now back is hurting … Continue reading Redecorating