Grilled cheese toast

How about a grilled cheese toast? Ingredients for two: 4 slices of bread Any cheese of your choice. It should melt easily. For this recipe I used a blue cheese. Olive oil Spices Pan Put olive oil on top of the bread slices and cut the cheese in slices. Heat the olive oil in the … Continue reading Grilled cheese toast

Filled puff pastry

Vegetarian meal carrots onions pepper puff pastry filled with spicy veggies

Pizza and salad

Easy diner .... A slice of pizza and salad with fresh tomatoes.

Easy diner

Pop a deep frozen box of rice carrots and veil in the pan. Heat a tin of salsifies with some spice and olive oil. Add lettuce, tomato and crackers. For dessert, you can bake cookies and serve them with vanilla milk rice. Top it with cinnamon.

Simple yet yummy

No time to cook? Throw together unexpected precooked food. Adding a box of prepared lentils to a deep frozen chorizo pizza. My guys at home loved it. For dessert a sugarfree caramel cream.  

Easy quick diner

Tonight not in the mood to spend much time in the kitchen. Take a tuna fish steak, add some pre-cooked potatoes and put altogether  in the oven. I put a bit of olive oil and paprika on the potatoes. Serve it with rice and a sauce.

Surprise by hubby

Saturday.... We are going to visit my hubby's mother in Normandy. She's living in a home for elderly.  As we couldn't have our romantic Valentine's evening as we planned, hubby proposed to go eat out in the village near his mother's. But when we leave her, it's still too early for diner. We decide to … Continue reading Surprise by hubby

Galette Bretonne

Homemade diner Galette Bretonne Whole wheat pancake with goat cheese and ham served with white rice and lettuce 

Diner for Valentine’s Day

We hadn't had time to really celebrate the day... So I made a special diner the day after! You know the French hot sandwiches called Croque Monsieur? That would be two slices of white soft bread with ham and cheese. We had another kind of Croque Monsieur. You prepare an onion chutney with red onions, … Continue reading Diner for Valentine’s Day