Book of positive thoughts

Book of positive thoughts One week seven days 1. You are awesome 2. You are beautiful 3. You deserve it 4. You will succeed 5. You are good 6. You are sparkling 7. You are loved

DIY scratching cards

I found this kit at Cultura, a French DIY supermarket. It's a box for creating cards by scratching the black surface. In the box you got black cards, stencils and a wooden pencil. There's also a booklet with examples. You can either scratch your own drawing or use the stencil. You can add stickers and … Continue reading DIY scratching cards

🐰Creative correspondence🐰

Just another glimpse of my creative writing paper. So sweet to decorate yourself your paper and envelope. I'm very inspired by creations on Pinterest.

Renovating and decorating

Every time we go to our second home in Bavaria, we take the time to make big and small improvements. It takes a lot of time for we do all by ourselves. However,it's extremely satisfying to achieve our goals. Adding a new bespread and cushions for the master chamber Equally done for the guestroom Adding … Continue reading Renovating and decorating