Burgundy Beef and spaghetti

I made a French recipe called Boeuf Bourguignon. You need about 500g of nice beef meat without fat streaks, 4 carrots, 1 big onion, oregano and 75cl of Burgundy red wine.

Cut the vegetables into small pieces. Add the beef cut into cubes and the Burgundy wine. You let this cook for 1h30 on a small fire, turning with a wooden spoon from time to time.

You can serve with noodles, spaghetti, rice, potatoes ….

Bon appétit!


Vegetarian meals are so tasteful and easy to prepare. Generally when I go shopping I buy a lot of preserved veggies, various deep frozen food and add a variety of sauces. You should always have quinoa, rice, noodles at home.

This is cheese filled puffy pastry with rice and salsify topped with a curry/coconut sauce.

Sausage and salsify

Put some sausage with a bacon/cheese coat in an oven ready plate. Add salsify and top them with some herbs.

Veggie wrap and noodles

Really easy & quick meal.

Deep frozen veggy wraps : prepare in the oven for a crispy trend.

Prepare any kind of noodles you like. I used whole wheat tagliatelli.

I added a tomatoe mozzarella topping.


It’s done. I wanted to buy a lunchbox for several months now in order to prepare my own meal. I finally purchased two boxes, one for hubby, one for me, and a nice cooling bag. Now I prepare our meals the evening before the next day in office. I put in our boxes fresh tomatoes, cucumber, a hard boiled egg, smoked salmon and a bit of coleslaw.

As I have an extra compartment for dessert, I added low fat and sugar free fruit yoghurt.

How do you eat lunch at work? Comment below to exchange.💋

Easy diner

Pop a deep frozen box of rice carrots and veil in the pan. Heat a tin of salsifies with some spice and olive oil. Add lettuce, tomato and crackers.

For dessert, you can bake cookies and serve them with vanilla milk rice. Top it with cinnamon.

Simple yet yummy

No time to cook? Throw together unexpected precooked food. Adding a box of prepared lentils to a deep frozen chorizo pizza. My guys at home loved it.

For dessert a sugarfree caramel cream.