Kirsch-Mandel Schnitte

It's a premix with nut flour, add 2 eggs, oil and cherries. You sprinkle with almonds. Put into the oven for 20 minutes.

Veggie steak and pasta

Easy to prepare, quick to eat and totally vegetarian. Prepare the fresh tomatoes and cucumber, prepare your pasta in boiling water. Fry the veggie steak in a pan. When your pasta is ready, mix it with a pesto sauce and cheese. Dress your plates and eat. For dessert, you can add fresh fruit of the … Continue reading Veggie steak and pasta

Tofu burger

Red cabbage with a tofu burger 🍔 Ingredients for 4 servings : 4 slices of toast 4 pieces of tofu steaks  Small box of red beans chili style Cream cheese 1 tin of prepared red cabbage Prepare the bread on a plate which goes into the oven. Spread a spoonful of red beans in each … Continue reading Tofu burger

Fried Veggies & Vegetarian Nuggets

Total time cooking included : 30 minutes Ingredients : 1 box of vegetarian nuggets 1 bunch of celery 500g of mushrooms 2 onions 1 box of smashed tomatoes Dried provencal herbs How to proceed. Clean the celery first and make boil a casserole full of water. You can add salt if you like, celery is … Continue reading Fried Veggies & Vegetarian Nuggets

Filled puff pastry

Vegetarian meal carrots onions pepper puff pastry filled with spicy veggies

Pizza and salad

Easy diner .... A slice of pizza and salad with fresh tomatoes.

Good mornin loves

Wish you a fabulous Friday 💋 Throwback to Christmas market in Nuremberg in 2016 ... Stunning sweet animals for treats.

Easy diner

Pop a deep frozen box of rice carrots and veil in the pan. Heat a tin of salsifies with some spice and olive oil. Add lettuce, tomato and crackers. For dessert, you can bake cookies and serve them with vanilla milk rice. Top it with cinnamon.