Normandy … Another world

So near to Paris yet such a different universe. Going to Normandy is our weekend escape from the never-ending rush in Paris.

You can just decide to spend a day or two in Normandy without especially preparing your trip. Meadows and woods, small villages, castles … Just take this road or the other one and you will be certainly discover a hidden gem.

Visiting a castle and its arboretum created during the 19th century.

After the visit of the castle and its gardens return to the village and take time for a snack.

Paris my love

BHV rue de Rivoli

Rue de Rivoli Saint Paul

Street art Village Saint Paul

Art gallery

Hidden squares in the heart of the Village St Paul I got a big truck so I got a big dick. (Parisian humour…) Coffee shop and restaurant Antiques shop … When I saw this dildo … I so had to take a pic 😂 Art gallery Place Royale Clothes shop Le Marais Centre Georges Pompidou Loved this bakery. So cute Organic food restaurant

Rakoczy Fest 2017

Every last weekend of July Bad Kissingen hosts the Rakoczy Fest. The festival lasts during 3 days. The highlight is the parade on Sunday and finishing the festival with big fireworks in the evening. The festival tells part of the city’s life as a cultural and health center of Germany in the 19th century. A lot of princes, military and other important celebrities came to Bad Kissingen to get benefit of the healing sources. Today the city is still known as a medical spot and is appreciated nationwide.


On our way back from the North we quit the highway for a break. As I had never visited Göttingen, I was happy to spend some time in this beautiful city. You can judge by the pics that the city center is quite well preserved with a lot of beautiful ancient buildings.

Paris …. Unknown places

Streetart Rue des Francs Bourgeois

Kamasutra on the wall

Just open your eyes, raise your head …

Popup store for designer shoes

How many stickers can you put onto a Fiat 500?

Passage du Havre

Make-up Forever in the Marais

Valley of Epte

Not far from Paris, you can discover the lovely valley of Epte. Epte is a small river ondulating between smooth hills. Little villages are seated in colourful places.

Paris Champs Elysees

A different view of the most beautiful and luxurious avenue in Paris, that’s what I want to show you in this post.

Everybody knows this :

But you can see this poor woman next to the Chanel shop.

La Durée best pastries and macarons of Paris

November 16

I wanted to publish an article friday night, saturday and then arrived sunday… I hadn’t found the appropriate words to express my utter desolation. Only one word comes to me :

WHY ??????????????????????????

How can human beings commit such atrocités?

Why kill innocent people to punish a government’s actions?

Why such hate?


I republish this picture of the memory tree I encountered on the beach in Normandy.  We should never forget the horrors of WW2. We should love and share this world in a sensible way.

I just sax this phrase of Mahatma Gandhi on instagram :

“An eye for an eye will only make the whole world blind. ”

In spite of the terrible events, I was and am still happy to celebrate my husband’s birthday : 55 rounds of the sun.

This morning before going to office, we treated ourselves with a nice breakfast.