Flames of achievement


Paris ? Did you say Paris?

One amazing relaxing spot in Paris is the Bois de Boulogne. This urban forest is a wonderful place for outdoor activities. Just relaxing on the border of one of the numerous lakes or walking on the paths. No cars are allowed. However you can leave your vehicle on the edge of the wood. You can … Continue reading Paris ? Did you say Paris?


"To the girl who reads by flashlight, who sees dragons in the clouds, who feels most alive in words that never were, who knows magic is real, who dreams ... This is for you." ~ unknown


In life,have a friend, who is like a mirror and a shadow; mirrors never lie and shadows never leave. Dedicated to my man @mastermachiavel My mirror and shadow for over 14 years. Always there to put me back on the right path, never leaving in spite of my flaws. I love you to the moon … Continue reading Shadows

The journey

Sparkling eyes hiding behind dark glasses A bright soul hiding behind white skin Crazy thoughts hiding under a big hat Join my crazy journey through life You must not be afraid of laughter followed by a stream of tears You must accept endless need of giving and receiving love

My chosen family

@Regranned from @tati_piercing_love_beard - can you imagine that there are people, who love you, respect you do not judge you,even though they do not know you? I could not imagine that until I met my new sisters, I was received with open arms, heartfelt love words that I was now a part of their family, … Continue reading My chosen family

Loyalty French Villainettes

Photo credit to @charma_maracay

My French sisters

@Regranned from @orelie.pic - Me and you.. Sisters 💄THΣVILLΛIИΣΤΤΣS 💄 #EuropeVillainettes #FranceVillainettes #NantesVillainettes 💄 👨‍👨‍👧‍👦 👶 🐶 👠 🎶 🍷 🔪 💄 #frenchvillainetteprospect THΣ VILLΛΙИΣTTΣS FOUNDER @mrs.bearded_and_fit AMBASSADORS @bur_rabbit @tanya.stack 💎 @inkedrebelsoul 💎 #Staystrong #Staybeautiful #Stayloyal #Staytrue #stayvillainette #loyaltymakesusfamily #TruthHonorRespectFamilyLoyalty #beardedvillains #TheVillainettes #villainettesforlife #ProudAndStrongVillainettes #VillainsandVillainettes #supportourvillains #brothersandsisters #villainfamily #VillainettesPersevere #SassyVillainettes #villainousladies #ToughVillainettes #Villainettesalwayskickazz #VillainousVillainette #SassWithClass … Continue reading My French sisters


The greatest gift of life is 💄FRIENDSHIP💄 And I have received it. Hubert H. Humphrey