Beauty addicted

Yes yes yes … I know that I’m a bit addicted to beauty products. But really all types! I love make-up. I must admit that my beauty case cannot close anymore.

One of my sale bargains, lovely box with perfume, shower gel and body cream.

What a girl needs for a home spa!

Nailart … Omg can’t stop

Even a calendar waiting for Xmas

And don’t forget hair

Facial creams

My make-up collection 💄

Beauty spa at home

I do not have the time to go to a spa and by the way it’s an expensive pleasure. Sephora and a lot of other drug stores offer a big variety of products to transfer the spa to your home.  

I opted for an eye sheet mask, a facial mask and a homemade foot spa.

I started by applying the eye mask by Sephora and then the facial by Avene.

Afterwards I prepared a big bowl of hot water added with a nutritive oil to bath my feet.

It was really super relaxing and my skin felt like a baby butt. 😍

​The Skin Lounge Seoul 012

The Skin Lounge Seoul 012

Firming lift facial mask

Amazing stuff you should definitely try. Easy to apply, leave it on your face for about 15 minutes. The texture is really comfy, bit cooling and refreshing. The perfume is divine like air in the springtime. After peeling off the sheat, your skin is smooth and glowing.