Raclette is a traditional French plate you essentially eat during winter. You need a special machine to really appreciate this meal.

Tout le monde en France connaît la raclette, plat typique pour l’hiver. 

Hier in Frankreich kennt jeder Raclette, es ist ein typisch französisches Essen, mit viel Käse, Wurstwaren und wird oft mit Ofenkartoffeln serviert. Man braucht dazu einen Racletteapparat.

You can serve with hot baked potatoes and fresh lettuce.

J’aime bien accompagner la raclette avec des pommes de terre au four et de la salade.

Ich serviere gerne dazu Ofenkartoffeln und Salat.

I like preparing the potatoes with olive oil and herbs in the oven before serving the raclette. This give a special taste.

J’aime bien mettre de l’huile d’olive et des herbes sur les pommes de terre. Cela donne un goût très sympathique.

Ich giesse Olivenöl über die Kartoffeln und bestreue sie mit Kräutern. Das macht einen ganz besonderen Geschmack.

Cheese called Raclette, ham and different sausages are essential. The raclette cheese exists in different varieties like natural, with pepper, with onions … You put the cheese in the little pans with a slice of ham and you let heat.

Le plus important le fromage à raclette et la charcuterie. Il existe maintenant plein de variétés de fromage à raclette, nature, avec cumin, poivre, oignons … Le plus amusant reste la partie lorsque l’on chauffe charcuterie et fromage dans les mini poêles.

Das wichtigste sind der Käse und die Wurstsorten. Den Raclettekäse gibt es in verschiedenen Sorten, natur, mit Kümmel oder Pfeffer, Zwiebeln …. Der lustigste Teil ist dann , wenn der Käse mit Wurst in den kleinen Pfannen aufgewärmt wird.

Bon appétit!

Veggy balls and corn

Vegetarian dish : fried veggy balls, corn, red pepper and onions.

Asian food in Paris

There are a bunch of Asian restaurants in Paris. This one is situated in the heart of the city : le Marais.

You can drink fresh coconut served in the fruit.

Water with fresh mint.

Chicken curry

Lacquered porc

Exotic fruit salad and tapioca


41 Rue Sainte-Croix de la Bretonnerie, 75004 Paris

Asparagus and Knödel

Vegetarian cooking can be so easy. I served green asparagus with fried Knödel and green salad topped with a mushroom sauce.

In general, Knödel are used to accompany meat dishes in Germany. Knödel are made of potatoes or bread crumbs. You can buy them ready to cook in little bags. You just drop them in boiling water for 15 minutes.

When the Knödel are cooked I slice them and fry them in olive oil. That makes them crusty on the outside.

For this dish I put the precooked asparagus in the bottom of an oven ready plate, added the fried Knödel slices and put cheese on top. I baked in the oven for 15 minutes at 220°C.

Veggy pizza

Nice vegetarian pizza. So easy yet so tasteful. You can put any vegetables you like on your pizza. I add different spices and lots of cheese.

Klösse and asparagus

Totally vegetarian meal : Klösse (German food), green asparagus, lettuce and tomato.

Vegetarian spaghetti lemon muffin

I’m so happy that it becomes easier to buy ingredients for vegetarian dishes. Shops offer now kits for meatfree dishes. I like the idea of finding a veggy recipe on a sauce box.

Whole wheat spaghetti contain plenty of nutrients. Their color is brown. Cooking time is about 10 minutes.

You can serve a vegetarian dressing using onion, zucchini, pepper and carrots. Fry the veggies in a pan and when they are golden, add 300 ml of water and the spicy mix. Turn until it’s a creamy aspect.

Add cherry tomato and let it heat for another minute.

You can serve with grated mozzarella or tofu based cheese for the vegan version.

I added green salad for the dressing in the plate.

For dessert : lemon buttermilk cupcakes with blue sprinkles.

Veggy gnocchi blue cheese

I love easy cooking for my weekday meals. This time I prepared the gnocchi as instructed. I put a glass of tomato sauce in my ovenready plate, added the gnocchi. I put some blue cheese slices and grated cheese in top. I put the plate in the preheated oven for 15 minutes quid. And my new London napkin 🇬🇧

Veggie diner and Oreo cake

When you mix Indian,Asian and Bavarian meals you can eat this. It’s a vegetarian dish. Knödel, Samossa and Nems.

Found this oreo cake box in Germany. You just add butter and milk. You put it in the fridge for 2 hours.