Homemade burger 🍔

This is the cannibal type 😂 Homemade burger with a beef steak and fresh tomatoes. You can easily replace the meat by a potatoe wafer or really big mushroom. Or take a veggie steak.

Veggie wrap and noodles

Really easy & quick meal. Deep frozen veggy wraps : prepare in the oven for a crispy trend. Prepare any kind of noodles you like. I used whole wheat tagliatelli. I added a tomatoe mozzarella topping.

Waffles and nothing else

Waffles chocolate topping whipped cream .... 💋

Homemade pancakes

What are you doing on a freezing day off? Why, make pancakes. Mix all : 20cl of milk (you can replace a bit with liquid cream) 2 spoons of sugar 2 spoons of baking oil 200g flour Heat a pan with some grease. Put 2 spoons of dough in the pan. Let the dough become … Continue reading Homemade pancakes

Diner for Valentine’s Day

We hadn't had time to really celebrate the day... So I made a special diner the day after! You know the French hot sandwiches called Croque Monsieur? That would be two slices of white soft bread with ham and cheese. We had another kind of Croque Monsieur. You prepare an onion chutney with red onions, … Continue reading Diner for Valentine’s Day

What I ate today February 14th 2917

Diner was simple : fresh pasta with shrimps that I grilled with an onion in olive oil. I added a topping made of concentrated tomatoes and cream cheese.