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It’s cookie 🍪 time

My version of the super yummy MMs cookies 🍪 Outrageous cookies aux m&m’s 🍫🍪 — À lire sur🍫🍪/ Advertisements
It’s cookie 🍪 time


Vegetarian lasagna with spinach and goatee cheese. Ingredients: 1 box of dry lasagna or fresh 300g of goatee cheese 800g of tinned spinach 1l of béchamel sauce 100g of grated […]

Healthy lunch

Healthy lunch 🥗 strawberry dessert 🍓 Stay focused on a light lunch break. During summer it’s even easier, eating salads and fresh fruit. Raw veggies are full of vitamins and […]
Healthy lunch

Cabbage Choux Kohl

4 servings/portions/Portionen : 1/2 green cabbage/choux vert/Grünkohl 250g tomatoe sauce/sauce tomate/Tomatensauce 2 oninons 4 clove garlic/gousses d’ail/4 Knoblauchzehen 4 veggy steaks of your choice/steaks végétariens de ton choix/Veggysteaks Deiner Wahl salt,pepper,basil […]

Letter French Fries

I love those letter French fries. They are crispy on the outside and tasty. They are the perfect match with this eggplant tomato compote. Vegetarian meals are so easy to […]

Vegetarian picnic

I’m happy to be vegetarian. It really changed my life. I feel much better, my digestive problems and skin issues are solved. So when I’m out for a picnic I […]

Samossa and noodles

Easy peasy as I like my meals. You need 2 veggies Samossa per serving. 125g of wholewheat noodles and a tomatoe sauce. You can add cheese on the noodles. Bon […]

Homemade burger 🍔

This is the cannibal type 😂 Homemade burger with a beef steak and fresh tomatoes. You can easily replace the meat by a potatoe wafer or really big mushroom. Or […]