A city in Friesland, North of Germany, the seaside is beautifully arranged. It's called Südstrand. You can eat amazing icecream. Icecream with sausage flavoring for dogs. You can take a ship to visit the harbour. The German marine stations there flagships here. Visiting the city... The marine museum The symbol of the city : Kaiser-Wilhelm-Brücke … Continue reading Wilhelmshaven


The Friesland is a region of the North of Germany. There are the isles along the coast like a snake. The landscape is very smooth, no hights, a lot of green, prairies, kettle, small cities and villages with red brick houses. You should definitely taste cake or a freshly prepared sandwich in a coffeeshop. Our … Continue reading Friesland

Rakoczy Fest 2017

Every last weekend of July Bad Kissingen hosts the Rakoczy Fest. The festival lasts during 3 days. The highlight is the parade on Sunday and finishing the festival with big fireworks in the evening. The festival tells part of the city's life as a cultural and health center of Germany in the 19th century. A … Continue reading Rakoczy Fest 2017


On our way back from the North we quit the highway for a break. As I had never visited Göttingen, I was happy to spend some time in this beautiful city. You can judge by the pics that the city center is quite well preserved with a lot of beautiful ancient buildings.

Kissinger Hütte

Tonight hubby invited me for a lovely diner on the summit of the Feuerberg. I appreciate so much the rustic interior of this pub. The meals are simple yet delicious. It's typical Bavarian dishes.

Hiking trip Rhön

You can do amazing hiking trips here in the North of Bavaria. The highest summits almost reach 1000m altitude. We did a fabulous trip starting right off from our house in Stangenroth, climbing up to the Schwarze Berge, first stop at the Würzburger Haus, then in the shadows of the woods to the Kissinger Hütte. … Continue reading Hiking trip Rhön

Unterfranken Bavaria 2

My last post showed you Bad Kissingen by night. 🌙 Today I would like to take you to the mountains : Rhön. Wonderful roads take you to the top and you will discover amazing beauties. A place to visit are the highland swamps. There are wooden trails to discover in all security those amazing landscapes. … Continue reading Unterfranken Bavaria 2

Unterfranken Bavaria 1

Unterfranken is the region of Bavaria I was born. It's amazing how much variety of landscapes and architectural beauties you can discover. If you like food, tou will find a wide range of salty and sweet dishes. On the road we always stop at Waldmohr, nice halt on the highway to get a cup of … Continue reading Unterfranken Bavaria 1