Red flamboyant hair

Schwarzkopf Live permanent hair color …. Tested and adopted

The mixture is creamy and smells nice. The result is an intense red.

Pink hair

Want to become pale pink? First time that I discover an advantage in having grey hair. 😂 Much easier to bleach it! Had to do it only two times. Pic is the the final result. I’ll show you step by step. Consider that I’ve already bleached my hair a first time last week. 

Yesterday I bought professional bleaching products : blue powder and the oxidizer cream. Add the golden rose by Loreal Colorista. 

Here you can see my hair after my first bleaching. My natural colour is dark blond/grey. The sides are really good but the top needs further bleaching. As I told you there are advantages in having gray hair. Haha

Now let’s play chemist. Mix the blue powder and the white oxidizer cream . Oh don’t forget to put on an old tee to protect your nice clothes. It would be rather annoying to bleach your nice new top! I stole a tee from hubby. Don’t tell him, he doesn’t know. Prepare a plastic bowl, a glass and a plastic or wooden spoon. Normally you can buy specific stuff to mix the ingredients. As it’s my first try I didn’t   want to invest in material. Mix one for one, meaning equal quantities of each product. 

Now that your mixture us ready, you put a real thick layer on your hair. 

For a better result you can envelope your head with transparent film. 

Let it work for 45 minutes.

White hair ! The base to get pale pink unicorn hair.

 I waaaaaaaaant to be a unicorn.

Just follow the steps mentioned on the box.

Wait for 30 minutes.



Good morning. Growing back my hair. I miss changing colours. Here we go for blond but I’ll add a pale pink touch. ❤ 

Tuesday ultra Smurfday

Whohoooooooo guys! I decided that Tuesday should be ultra Smurf day😂

Tried the one day hair color by Loreal Colorista 🌿

Macaron  lipstick by nyxcosmetics 

I am wearing a dark grey romper by Mango and no brand sneakers in dark red velvet. Got those beauties while walking down Rue de Rivoli in Paris.

March second …. Look…Smurfhair…

Always my smurfhair. I’m happy. This washout colour by Loreal Colorista stays. I have washed my hair several times. The colour has faded a teeny bit but that is ok.

Not so inspired for make-up today. I went for a big black eyeliner, mascara and orange lippie by Loreal. I love this lipstick. So smooth to apply and it stays in place even after several cups of coffee.

I wanted to show you my wildlife coat by Mango. I like to add the bucket bag by Justfab.

Bleaching and baby blue hair

It’s time for a new bleaching. I use again hair bleaching by Loreal Colorista. This morning I did the bleaching.

The pink streaks are almost gone. Just the one on the front is really resisting. However, I will apply the baby blue hair washout by Loreal Colorista anyway.


Today I finally had the time to apply the blue washout colour by Loreal Colorista.

It’s just a tube with a gel like blue product. There are two pairs of plastic gloves in the box. For my short hair I used about half of the tube.

It’s really easy peasy to apply. It doesn’t  well at all. No odour! You can leave it for 15 minutes if you want a pastel result, otherwise you can leave it for up to 30 minutes for a more intense result.

Wait and see. You just wash your hair with clear water and whohoooo Smurfy the smurf girl was born.I like my new bkue hair.

The I day I became a red head

One day I had this funny idea when I woke in the morning. My hair was so boring, I needed absolutely a new colour!


I was a fake blond. I don’t really remember my natural colour …. I have already tried a red colour some years ago, but it turned out ORANGE! Imagine this girl walking down the street with orange hair, not quite a bright sight. You can easily imagine how nervous I was this famous day of october. I chose a Schwarzkopf colour : a brilliant red.


I am satisfied, the colour remains bright even after several washing sessions. You get a small package of nourishng oil that you add to the colour. My hair has remained soft.