Tartine raclette

A slice of bread, tomatoes, tomato sauce and cheese. Baked in the oven with fried eggplant and mushroom.

Tofu burger

Red cabbage with a tofu burger 🍔 Ingredients for 4 servings : 4 slices of toast 4 pieces of tofu steaks  Small box of red beans chili style Cream cheese 1 tin of prepared red cabbage Prepare the bread on a plate which goes into the oven. Spread a spoonful of red beans in each … Continue reading Tofu burger

Grilled cheese toast

How about a grilled cheese toast? Ingredients for two: 4 slices of bread Any cheese of your choice. It should melt easily. For this recipe I used a blue cheese. Olive oil Spices Pan Put olive oil on top of the bread slices and cut the cheese in slices. Heat the olive oil in the … Continue reading Grilled cheese toast

Vegetarian breakfast

Healthy easy crueltyfree .... 🍀🌈💝 Ingredients : Salad mix Tomatoes Blue cheese Feta Dried cranberries Radish Yoghurt topping

Breakfast for champions

Vegetarian champion's breakfast champions 🏆 Salad ~ tomatoes ~ cucumber ~ full wheat bread ~ mozzarella ~ pouched egg ~ cranberries

Cheese and veggies

Ingredients for a quick vegetarian meal : Fresh mushrooms Red pepper Onions Potatoes Spices Olive oil Tomatoes Cheese for Fondue Chop the mushrooms, the pepper and onions. Put all the slices on a plate for oven. Sprinkle with and olive oil.  Envelope a potatoe per person in silver paper. Put into the oven for about … Continue reading Cheese and veggies

The importance of working out

Working out is healthy for your body and your mind. You can exercise in so many different ways :  Some go to the gym Some will walk Some will dance Just be active every day. You will feel better, less tired, happier, more patient, more tolerant. And there are much more benefits you will discover … Continue reading The importance of working out


It's done. I wanted to buy a lunchbox for several months now in order to prepare my own meal. I finally purchased two boxes, one for hubby, one for me, and a nice cooling bag. Now I prepare our meals the evening before the next day in office. I put in our boxes fresh tomatoes, … Continue reading Lunchbox

Easy cooking

You don't have to spend monstrous amounts of time in your kitchen to prepare a decent diner. Pop some pre-cooked gnocchis in a saucer and fry them for five minutes. Add a slice of ham, lettuce and fresh tomatoes.

Detox day 4

Feeling better mentally and physically. Today's breakfast was quite healthy : Porridge made with sugar free cereal mix, apricots and soya milk.