Dress by New Look

Sale is healthy for a shopaholic like me. It’s the moment of the season to complete your dressing with nice items which you absolutely don’t need. But your shopping instinct clearly drives you inevitably in the direction of all those lovely shops. All those shopping windows displaying a whole lot of wonderful pieces waiting to move into your yet overfilled dressing. Sale helps a lot to satisfy my urgent need for new clothes without my accountant at the bank getting s heart attack.

Dress by New Look

Denim jacket by NafNaf

Flats by C&A

Bag by Justfab

Jeans and stripes

Sometimes you need a super comfy yet elegant out fit. Reasons : you are feeling down but you must be presentable in office! 

Slim jeans by Zara and striped tee by Etam. Wearing Doc Martens I bought on Videdressing.com My big blue shoulder bag from Justfab you have seen several times. I think this will be my 2017 summer bag. It’s big and easy to pair with a lot of my outfits. The denim jacket is from Mango. I like the elegant cut. It makes it look less casual and adds a nice touch.

Look with a leather skirt

Leather skirts may be looked at as vulgar but it depends on the cut/length/colour and how you wear it.

I paired my olive green leather skirt with a nice plain jeans shirt and midheels. If you wear high heels you are at risk to fall into vulgarity.

My bag is soooooo big and easy to wear with a lot of outfits. I just had to add my sunnies I found in a vintage shop in Paris.

  • Skirt by C&A
  • Shirt by Ines de la Fressange (vintage shop in Paris)
  • Mid heels by San Marina (summer sale 60% off)
  • Bag by Justfab
  • Sunnies from a vintage shop in Paris

This outfit has a total cost of 130€. I’m  happy to find and mix lovely outfits for a reasonable price. How much do you spend for fashion? I try to look out for bargains. So I can easily buy a whole lot. 😂😂 

Hope you enjoyed the pics as much as I did shooting them with hubby. ❤

Wish y’all a lovely day

Hugs & love from Paris to wherever you live 🇫🇷✈❤

Blue outfit for summer

Walking down the Tuileries Gardens. Amazing historical architecture. Wonderful background to show you my outfit for a sunny day in Paris.

Wearing a short by Zara, jacket by Mango, tee by Kiabi, flats by Gerry Weber and bag by Just Fab.

Look 24042017

Look today. It’s still cold. I keep my leopard coat by Mango on!

Scarf found on Wish. I like the music pattern. It’s funny.

The pencil skirt is from Wish too.

Flat shoes from a Parisian shop on Rue de Rivoli.

Blouse by Uniclo.

Red jacket by Mango too.

Bag by Justfab.

Necklace : Mirina Collection

Look casual but chic

Had a lot of fun with hubby doing this photo shoot 📷

Justfab : my skinny jeans 

Adidas : my new spring sneakers stansmith

The furry vest is no special brand from a Chinese shop downtown Paris. Same for the pink striped blouse. Looks like Zara. Lol … Not the same price!


Zara star shorts and dots

Who would have thought that you can pair a star pattern with small dots?

Wearing only Zara and overknee boots by Justfab. You already know those beauties, but they are just so comfy and sexy.

 Makeup addict and proud of it, I made a beige red combo with my Anastasia Beverly Hills palette.

Nails are orange with China Glaze, not my fav nail polish. It’s just too liquid.

March second …. Look…Smurfhair…

Always my smurfhair. I’m happy. This washout colour by Loreal Colorista stays. I have washed my hair several times. The colour has faded a teeny bit but that is ok.

Not so inspired for make-up today. I went for a big black eyeliner, mascara and orange lippie by Loreal. I love this lipstick. So smooth to apply and it stays in place even after several cups of coffee.

I wanted to show you my wildlife coat by Mango. I like to add the bucket bag by Justfab.

March…. Springtime!

Nooooooo…. Still cold….. Doesn’t matter, I take out my Manga dress by Zara, add a black jacket and my overknee boots by Justfab.

I bought the dress during winter sale. I like the Claudine collar. It adds a girly look.

As usual I like to apply a colorful make-up. Using Nyx and noname products I bought on Wish. Do you know this app? Do you buy there?


Look February 23rd

New experience to do my make-up as a smurf girl.


I used some amazing products by Nyxcosmetics. As you must have realized, I am a tiny bit addicted to Nyx.

For eyes I used as a base a green glitter eyeshadow. I wouldn’t buy it again for I am not happy to apply it. The result is a nice colour, but I don’t succeed in applying it as easily as with a brush.


Then I created a sort of eyeliner with the blue primal colour. Amazingly intense.


I should definitely get more primal colors. Lol. For mascara a black one by Sephora. I have used it for months and it’s still as the first day. A good choice. How about your mascara? Any preferred brands or colours? I love to hear about your make-up habits.


Now my new mosaic blush. Isn’t it cute? The result is a mix between red and orange.



And this trio for brows. The wax should help to make it stay in place. For the moment I like the packaging. It’s easy to use and comes with two brushes.


The green lip gloss is from Wish. I paid 2€. It’s the same quality as Nyx Lingerie. Unfortunately it dries out quickly on the lips. So I apply the green lip gloss first anf top it with my Wicked Lippie by Nyx. The Wicked Lippie  is a rather creamy lipstick. It helps the lip gloss to remain smooth. By the way, I like the mix of two shades.

Do you mix shades for lips?


I am wearing a black top by Zara and a black pencil skirt by IKKS. Boots are by Justfab.

Wish you a an awesome days my loves.






Boots by Justfab