Green blue make-up

How to do this summer make-up💄🍹🌈 It's the season when you should definitely apply super colours 🌈 Don't be shy to experiment with the amazing lipsticks you can find everywhere. I love Kiko lippies. The colour stays forever. And the price you pay is just so reasonable, like less than 7€. Here is a pic … Continue reading Green blue make-up

Summer make-up

Good morning my loves. Hair growing .... Don't know if I keep it or shave it. I'll decide later about that. Thinking about a buzzcut and new colour. For today, I just went for a summer make-up. Light eyeshadow with my adorable palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills, green lipstick by Kiko and lashes from Wish. … Continue reading Summer make-up

Barbie glam make-up

This morning I was in the mood for a glamorous make-up which makes me think of Barbie dolls. Foundation doesn't change. BB cream by Garnier and loose powder by K von D. Brows : draw my brows with a dark brown pencil. Eyes : two tones of pink, very light for a base, vibrant pink … Continue reading Barbie glam make-up

Kiko make-up 💚💚💚

I treated myself with a new lipstick and false lashes by Kiko. I tried the lipstick. The lashes will need more time. I haven't never put on false lashes. But I definitely want to try. It's cool that the lipstick matches my current nail art. 🌈

Make-up may 3rd

Blue and yellow eyeshadow by Nyxcosmetics. Black mascara by Essence. Pink lipstick by Loreal.

Makeup of the day

What I used today for my make-up. I'm totally in love with Anastasia Beverly Hills. The black lipstick by Loreal is mega cool. What kind of lipstick colour do you prefer? Please comment below. I'd be happy to know.

March second …. Look…Smurfhair…

Always my smurfhair. I'm happy. This washout colour by Loreal Colorista stays. I have washed my hair several times. The colour has faded a teeny bit but that is ok. Not so inspired for make-up today. I went for a big black eyeliner, mascara and orange lippie by Loreal. I love this lipstick. So smooth … Continue reading March second …. Look…Smurfhair…

February 15th make-up

As every day I wear a scarf. I think that I will stay with scarfs for some months. It's the easiest way to get decent hair. I want to let it grow.... But starting from a very short pixie cut is really difficult. I hate thoses lengthes that don't look like a proper haircut. I … Continue reading February 15th make-up