No make-up challenge

I'm off work for 5 days. So I decided to give some vacation to my skin too. I think it's important to let the skin breathe without make-up.  Every single day, I apply day cream, foundation, loose powder, blush, eyeshadow, highlighter, mascara, lipstick ..... For my holiday, I will only use these two creams by … Continue reading No make-up challenge

Make-up may 3rd

Blue and yellow eyeshadow by Nyxcosmetics. Black mascara by Essence. Pink lipstick by Loreal.

Nailart in pink and baby blue

Using stickers by Stickergigant and blue nailpolish by Bourjois, pale pink polish by Loreal. The topcoat is from Stickergigant.

Make-up April 3rd

Red lips are always a good choice when you are out of ideas or really late for work. As I am usually late, I loooove all shades of red lipstick. Pair it with a nice eyeshadow and a winged black eyeliner, topped with black mascara. Ready to kick some ass!  

Makeup of the day

What I used today for my make-up. I'm totally in love with Anastasia Beverly Hills. The black lipstick by Loreal is mega cool. What kind of lipstick colour do you prefer? Please comment below. I'd be happy to know.

March second …. Look…Smurfhair…

Always my smurfhair. I'm happy. This washout colour by Loreal Colorista stays. I have washed my hair several times. The colour has faded a teeny bit but that is ok. Not so inspired for make-up today. I went for a big black eyeliner, mascara and orange lippie by Loreal. I love this lipstick. So smooth … Continue reading March second …. Look…Smurfhair…

Bleaching and baby blue hair

It's time for a new bleaching. I use again hair bleaching by Loreal Colorista. This morning I did the bleaching. The pink streaks are almost gone. Just the one on the front is really resisting. However, I will apply the baby blue hair washout by Loreal Colorista anyway.   Today I finally had the time … Continue reading Bleaching and baby blue hair