Happy birthday to my man @mastermachiavel You are my rock, my confident, my love I wish you the sweetest birthday ever 💟 I love you


In life,have a friend, who is like a mirror and a shadow; mirrors never lie and shadows never leave. Dedicated to my man @mastermachiavel My mirror and shadow for over 14 years. Always there to put me back on the right path, never leaving in spite of my flaws. I love you to the moon … Continue reading Shadows

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No words exist to express my love for my wonderful sister @tati_piercing_love_beard Look at what I got from Germany❤❤❤❤❤ So thoughtful .... Full of love ....


"Love harder than any pain you've ever felt." ~ unknown ~

Together … Sisterhood

The Villainettes 💄 Sisterhood 💄 "Alone we can do we can do so little, together we can do so much. "  ~ Helen Keller ~ #sisterhood #SISTERSSUPPORTINGSISTERS #TVsisterhood #OGsisterhood #TVphotothemes  #EuropeanVillainettes #FranceVillainettes #ParisVillainettes #VillainetteProspectHopeful💄🏵️⚔️🎩👑❄️🇺🇸🌽💟💄 #TheVillainettes @thevillainettes  @mrs.bearded_and_fit 💄Founder  @bur_rabbit 💄 Ambassador  @angeliclysweet  💄Ambassador  #VILLAINETTES4LIFE  #SISTERSSUPPORTINGSISTERS  #ProudStrongWomen #SassWithClass #Stayloyal #Staytrue #stayvillainette #TruthHonorRespectFamilyLoyalty #beardedvillains #TheVillainettes #loyaltymakesusfamily #familymakesusstrong … Continue reading Together … Sisterhood

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The community of the Villainettes asks for some help : On Instagram, you can contact : @bur_rabbit   💚 HELP SEND SOME LOVE TO THIS BEAUTIFUL YOUNG LADY!!!! PLEASE READ BELOW!!!💚 @bailey.jeremy3  Brothers we need some support for this young lady... Let's make her birthday and show some love. Our chapter is sending cards, good vibes, … Continue reading Send some love

Villainette warrior

   💪❤💄This Weeks IG Theme❤💄💪VILLAINETTE WARRIOR! 💄Villainette Warrior 💄 "She will rise. With a spine of steel and a roar like thunder, she will rise." - Nicole Lyons 💄Villainette Warrior💄 "She is clothed with strength and dignity and laughs without fear of the future." - Proverbs 31:25 💄Proud to be a Villainettehopefulprospect 💄 🌈✊Sisterhood💝✊Loyalty🍀💝Love✊🌈