Makeup & Look

I got this ensemble from Zara on sale. I added a long sleeved shirt under the top for cold days. Otherwise it would be awesome with nude arms and bangles. I added a scarf I bought on Wish for 2€. The material is cheap but it does its effect and I can wear it as a headband too.

J’ai acheté l’ensemble à Zara pendant les soldes. Je porte un tee-shirt manches longues dessous pour l’hiver. Sinon ça serait joli bras nus avec des bracelets. J’ai ajouté un foulard que j’ai acheté pour 2€ sur Wish. La qualité est bof, mais i fait son effet et j’aime bien le porter comme accessoire de cheveux.

Ich habe diese Teile bei Zara im Schlussverkauf geholt. Bei diesem kalten Wetter trage ich ein langärmeliges Tshirt drunter, ansonsten wäre es sehr schick mit nakten Armen und ein paar Reifen. Ich trage dazu ein Tuch, das ich bei Wish für 2€ gekauft habe. BIlliger SToff, aber sieht man ja so nicht. Und ich trage es gerne in den Haaren.

For makeup I mixed green and dark brown eyeshadow. It’s a pallette from Wish. The colors stay for the day! Lipstick is a dark red I bouht for 3.5€ at Hema. I like the smooth texture. The color stays several hours even when I drink or eat. Good surprise for this lippy!

Pour les yeux, j’ai mélangé du fard à paupière vert et brun. C’est une palette que j’ai acheté sur Wish. Les couleurs tiennent toute la journée. Le rouge à lèvres et un rouge foncé, acheté à Hema pour 3.5€. Bonne suprise : bonne tenue et texture agréable, même quand je bois et mange!

Für das Augenmakeup habe ich grünen und dunkelbraunen Lidschatten verwendet. Ich habe eine Palette nobrand benutzt, die auf Wish gekuaft habe. Der Lidschatten hält sehr gut. Den Lippenstift habe ich bei Hema für 3.5€ gekauft. er ist dunkelrot. Die Farbe ist schön pigmentiert und hält stundenlang auch bei trinken und essen. Er ist auch leicht aufzutragen.

Super Stay Matte Ink

I found my new best lippie 💋 It’s a pure hazard! I went for some errands in the drugstore and as hubbs made me waiting I went inspecting the beauty department. What did you expect? And there was this promotion for Maybelline make-up. I saw this one : Super Stay Matte Ink Recently I prefer mat lipstick. In general, the color last better and when you are over forty, there are all those tiny wrinkles above and under your lips. Brilliant colors always escape into those wrinkles. Only thing to prevent this is to use a lip pencil and draw the contours… The packaging is sleek and elegant. You can have about 10 different shades. The brush is arrow shaped. This shape makes application super easy and you won’t smudge your lippie. Maybelline promises 16h stay. I applied it in the morning and after several cups of coffee, breakfast, lunch and kissing hubbs, it stayed! It’s the first real non transfer lipstick I have found. So today I got some shades 😎

Beauty addicted

Yes yes yes … I know that I’m a bit addicted to beauty products. But really all types! I love make-up. I must admit that my beauty case cannot close anymore.

One of my sale bargains, lovely box with perfume, shower gel and body cream.

What a girl needs for a home spa!

Nailart … Omg can’t stop

Even a calendar waiting for Xmas

And don’t forget hair

Facial creams

My make-up collection 💄

Make it up gurl

Just some pics of today’s make-up… Love red lips these days. Dark eyeshadow and faux lashes.

I like my new earrings I bought on the Medieval market in Provins. They totally rock.

Summer make-up

Good morning my loves. Hair growing …. Don’t know if I keep it or shave it. I’ll decide later about that. Thinking about a buzzcut and new colour.

For today, I just went for a summer make-up. Light eyeshadow with my adorable palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills, green lipstick by Kiko and lashes from Wish.

Brows by Anastasia Beverly Hills using a dark brown gel.

Color Pop 

I learnt about this make-up brand from a blog. Attention : it’s a US online shop and I had the bad surprise of a 24€ supply for customs. 😰

However the order was shipped very fast and I could choose about 5 free lipgloss. In the end all fees added, I paid 73$ for 6 lip gloss, a lip primer, a lip pencil and 7 individual eyeshadows.

I did a first lip make-up using the primer, pencil and gloss.

I added my violet lashes from Makeup Forever.

Xoxo 💓💞


Blown out eye look with a pop of colour

Hi guys, happy Tuesday!

Today I’m gonna show you how to do this sort of blown out eye look with a pop of colour.



First, I always recommend to start any eye look with a good primer. This will prevent creasing and improve the colour payoff of shadows. I’m using the Urban Decay Original Eyeshadow Primer Potion.


Next, we are going to introduce a warm, light transition shade into the crease with a fluffy brush. Your placement may differ from mine if you have a different eye shape.



Time to add some depth. With a bullet-shaped eyehsadow brush, add a darker brown into the outer corner of the eye, blending it into that transition shade.



To add extra dimension, take a very dark shade on a smudger brush and introduce it into the outer most corner of the eye. Blend it into the dark brown with the bullet shaped brush.



Now, we can soften and blend any edges while highlighting the brow bone with a light cream colour.



Time to add our pop of colour. I opted for green but you can use any colour you like with the same technique! I am going to use a mint green from the Kat Von S Alchemist palette and pack it unto the middle of my eye with my index finger.


I always like to add glitter. I am going to add a light green glitter to the inner corner of the eye, bringing it up unto the mint green a bit for a seamless look.


I am going to do my brows, concealer, wings and lashes now without a how-to. These could all be tutorials for another day. 👍

The next step is to line your waterline with the pop of colour you chose. I am using a lime green cream shadow pencil.


Now, time to introduce that dark brown under the lower lashline with the smudge brush to create balance.


And there you have it! The finished look. Hope you enjoyed this tutorial! Until next week. 👄


Mohawk it be

I just cannot remain with the same style for over a fortnight. I had some fun with hubby and he says : No you are not capable of wearing a Mohawk haircut!

That meant the top departure for me😀😂

Turquoise and violet

I ordered fake lashes from Wish. They come without the glue, so be sure to order it too.

 I was surprised by the quality. Today I put on the violet lashes and topped my make-up with turquoise lipstick by Nyxcosmetics and green and yellow marble eyeshadow from Wish. I was quite unhappy with the eyeshadow because it came all broken. I was ready to put it into the bun but finally I kept it.

The flower headband is from Wish too. The flowers are same colour as my lippy. 😘


Nothing special to tell you…. Comfy look with 

  • Dress by Promod
  • Jacket by New Look
  • Boots by Pimkie
  • Bag by Justfab
  • Necklaces from Crazyfactory