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Skin care

#Facemasks are so impossible for your skin. I do a #facialtreatment once or twice a week. This one us by #lovea and it’s scented like #almondbutter . I left it […]
Skin care

💄My body My challenge 💄 I’m proud of my progress Walked 20km today of which I did 12km this evening before dinner with my dog in 2h10min After dinner I […]

💄My Body My Art💄

Enjoy the body God gave you. Take care of your body. It’s a canvas on which you write the story of your life. Each canvas is unique and beautiful. Don’t […]

Wig Life ✨🦋

Yesssss I am wearing wigs. I’m not sick! Today people still believe that you only wear a wig when you are getting cancer treatment or having alopecia. Well no! That […]