I used the Mini Macaron set by Sephora with coffee colors and added cut out nail patches for the French mani.

Flower nail wraps

I’m totally in luv with nail wraps  💅

So many advantages

  • No drying time
  • No smudging
  • Lasts several days

Got mine from Wish .

Nailart addicted?

Would you think that I’m addicted to nailart ?

I imagined 8 different designs for this week. Using nailpolish, nailstickers and 3D decorations plus golden stripes.

Nailart in blue and peacock

It had been aong time since I have taken the time to really make something cute.

I got my nail tips and glue from Wish.

I bought the mono phase gel from Ongle24.

The marble stickers are by Stickergigant

Nails in blue and glitter

Simple to do but bug effect. Blue nail polish by Manhattan in two layers, glitter polish by H&M in 4 layers, 3D golden drops and 2 layers of H&M topcoat.

Nailart in pink and baby blue

Using stickers by Stickergigant and blue nailpolish by Bourjois, pale pink polish by Loreal. The topcoat is from Stickergigant.

Galaxy nailart

I made a new nailart design with galaxy stickers by Stickergigant and a blue metallic nailgel polish.

Enjoy 💙💙💙

Nailart with stickers

Step by step…. Easy peasy to get a floral springtime naildesign.I bought all the products needed from the online shop Stickergigant.

You will need a nail file, scissors, base coat “Vorspiel”, stickers, top coat “Nachspiel”.

I added the sticker remover and cream for the hands on the picture.

First give your nails the shape you like and apply the base coat. It dries in 2 secs.

Then choose carefully the right sticker size for each nail. You can use the same pattern for all fingers or polish just one or two nails or mix it all. It’s up to you. Be creative!

Apply the sticker to the nail. The curved end should be on the limit of the cuticles.You will cut off the sticker in the next step. First smooth it down on your nail from the base to the top of your nail. Be cateful no to make folds. The sticker must be totally smooth.

Cut off the exceedeing parts and file the border.

Now you can apply the top coat. You can either let it dry or cure it for 30 seconds under UV lamp.

As I told you, you can choose a nail that will be outstanding from the rest.



Nailz …. 

I love nailart. Suppose you could call me an addict. I have got so many polishes, a whole basket full of ’em. I essentially buy my stuff for nailart on Wish. You know this app?

Today I took my time and did grey gel nails. I apply the base coat on natural nails. I don’t like to glue  tips even if my nails are quite short at the moment. I currently take special vitamins for haur skin and nail strengthening.

I applied the base coat, cured it,applied two layers of grey gel polish, cured each layer. After that I applied a normal glitter polish by H&M that I quick dried with a special spray I bought at New Look. This spray dries any polish in 60 secs.

You can the one on the pic on Wish for 5€ shipping included.

When the nailpolish was dry I applied a layer of finish top coat.

I used some 3D decorations and a hollow sticker for the green decoration. The green nail polish is 60 sec quick drying nail polish. All nails are topped with a brilliant finish top coat.