Receiving cards and gifts

I’m so blessed to have my penpal friends from all over the globe.

My dear Villainette sister sent me this beautiful card from New Mexico.

And I got these lovely Christmas presents from my UK based friend Rachel.

Looking for penpal

I have already posted an article about penpal.

I love writing letters and receiving letters from all over the world. It’s kind of exciting to open your letterbox and find something. It’s more personal than mail or leaving a comment on social media. If you are interested you can either leave your full name and address in the comments. Advantage : other readers than me can write you. Vera Gamba 11 rue de Dreux 78711 Mantes La Ville France Or you can mail me here : I’m also interested in mail exchanges.

🐰Creative correspondence🐰

Just another glimpse of my creative writing paper. So sweet to decorate yourself your paper and envelope. I’m very inspired by creations on Pinterest.


I like creating and especially drawing.

I decorate envelopes with drawings and stickers.

My sheets of paper are always different. I think it’s so nice to receive a personalized letter.


It’s so nice to discover that the person who takes time writing to you has even taken the time to decorate the letter with love.

It’s not important if there are flaws. What’s counting is the love you inserted in your creation.

I got myself a lot of postcards you can color.

I love creative correspondence. If you are interested ….

My address :

Vera Gamba

11 rue de Dreux

78711 Mantes La Ville


I can respond in English/German/French

I’ll answer all letters 💄


I have already posted about this amazing experience which is the exchange of letters and postcards with my Villainettes sisters from all over the world. Some call it snail mail. I am always so excited to find a new letter in the mail box coming home from work. I usually don’t open the envelope immediately, I put it on my desk and each time I pass in front of the letter I feel the excitement building again. And then comes finally the moment to tear open carefully the envelope and read the words chosen with love from a woman abroad. We have never met fir real but our bond has become so strong in some months…. It’s this feeling like coming home. Knowing there are people out there loving you, caring for you… Always an ear to listen …. Never alone again.