Looking for penpal

I have already posted an article about penpal. I love writing letters and receiving letters from all over the world. It's kind of exciting to open your letterbox and find something. It's more personal than mail or leaving a comment on social media. If you are interested you can either leave your full name and … Continue reading Looking for penpal

🐰Creative correspondence🐰

Just another glimpse of my creative writing paper. So sweet to decorate yourself your paper and envelope. I'm very inspired by creations on Pinterest.


I like creating and especially drawing. I decorate envelopes with drawings and stickers. My sheets of paper are always different. I think it's so nice to receive a personalized letter. m It's so nice to discover that the person who takes time writing to you has even taken the time to decorate the letter with … Continue reading 💄DIY💄

Villainette mail

💄Villainette Mail Call💄 If you want to meet a lot of strong amazing loyal women, contact @thevillainettes on Instagram I received an amazing amount of wonderful letters from my penpal sisters around the world. 💄You can join too!💄 💓Thank you so much my beautiful sister 💓 love you to the moon and back #villainettemail #ParisVillainettes … Continue reading Villainette mail


Who does still write postcards or letters? It seems those times are gone when we were happy to see the postman stop at our door. Those were the times when internet wasn't accessible to everyone, when not everyone had a cell phone.  Yes, I have known those times. 😁 I am 43 today. So that … Continue reading Penpal