Everything happens for a reason

One of my homemade greeting cards. It’s nice to spread love by sending out cards. If you want to join in the penpal community leave your address in a comment or send by mail veragamba1974@gmail.com

Having penpals is a fabulous way to make friends and learn new languages. I can write in English/Deutsch/Français. ❤

If you participate it’s important to write back at least tell that you got my letter. However I’d appreciate a card from you 😚

Une de mes cartes faites main. Il est génial de partager l’amour en envoyant des cartes. Si tu veux te joindre à la communauté des correspondants tu laisser un commentaire avec ton adresse ou me l’envoyer par mail veragamba1974@gmail.com

Avoir des correspondants est un moyen incroyable de se faire de nouveaux amis et apprendre des langues. Je peux écrire en English/Français/Deutsch. ❤

Si tu participes il est important de me faire savoir au moins si tu as reçu ma carte, mais j’apprécierais encore plus une carte de ta part.😚

Eine von meinen selbstgemachten Grußkarten. Es ist so wunderbar ein bisschen Glück zu verschicken. Wenn Du teilnehmen möchtest, kannst Du Deine Adresse in einem Kommentar lassen oder mir per Mail senden veragamba1974@gmail.com

Brieffreundschaft ist toll um neue Freunde zu machen und neue Sprachen zu lernen. Ich schreibe auf English/Français/Deutsch. ❤

Wenn Du mitmachst ist es wichtig, dass Du mir sagst ob die Karte angekommen ist. Noch mehr freue ich mich natürlich über eine Karte von Dir. 😚

Receiving cards and gifts

I’m so blessed to have my penpal friends from all over the globe.

My dear Villainette sister sent me this beautiful card from New Mexico.

And I got these lovely Christmas presents from my UK based friend Rachel.

Looking for penpal

I have already posted an article about penpal.

I love writing letters and receiving letters from all over the world. It’s kind of exciting to open your letterbox and find something. It’s more personal than mail or leaving a comment on social media. If you are interested you can either leave your full name and address in the comments. Advantage : other readers than me can write you. Vera Gamba 11 rue de Dreux 78711 Mantes La Ville France Or you can mail me here : veragamba1974@gmail.com I’m also interested in mail exchanges.

🐰Creative correspondence🐰

Just another glimpse of my creative writing paper. So sweet to decorate yourself your paper and envelope. I’m very inspired by creations on Pinterest.


I like creating and especially drawing.

I decorate envelopes with drawings and stickers.

My sheets of paper are always different. I think it’s so nice to receive a personalized letter.


It’s so nice to discover that the person who takes time writing to you has even taken the time to decorate the letter with love.

It’s not important if there are flaws. What’s counting is the love you inserted in your creation.

I got myself a lot of postcards you can color.

I love creative correspondence. If you are interested ….

My address :

Vera Gamba

11 rue de Dreux

78711 Mantes La Ville


I can respond in English/German/French

I’ll answer all letters 💄

Villainette mail

💄Villainette Mail Call💄

If you want to meet a lot of strong amazing loyal women, contact @thevillainettes on Instagram

I received an amazing amount of wonderful letters from my penpal sisters around the world.

💄You can join too!💄

💓Thank you so much my beautiful sister 💓 love you to the moon and back #villainettemail #ParisVillainettes #FranceVillainettes #EuropeVillainettes 💄 #VillainetteProspectHopeful #TheVillainettesSaluteYou 💄🍻🎩

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Penpals incoming letters

Wow it’s so exciting to receive letters from all over the world. My beautiful sisters from Villainettes start sending out letters.

It’s also a wonderful distraction to prepare my letters I’ll send to my friends. I have a lot of fun making cards using stickers, glitter and coloured papers. The only limit is your imagination.

I buy my stationery items on Wish. There is so much choice at really low prices. You just must be patient, as orders are shipped from China, it may take up to 4 weeks to receive your order. But whatever, it’s worth it.


Who does still write postcards or letters? It seems those times are gone when we were happy to see the postman stop at our door. Those were the times when internet wasn’t accessible to everyone, when not everyone had a cell phone.

 Yes, I have known those times. 😁 I am 43 today. So that is not so long ago after all. When I was about 16, I started having penpals all over the world and I wasso excited to receive their letters. I also loved sending letters and postcards.

Today I started a group of penpals with the Villainettes. I posted an article about this community. 

However, if you would like to start a writing friendship feel free to mail me to exchange addresses.


Xoxo Vera 😍