On our way back from the North we quit the highway for a break. As I had never visited Göttingen, I was happy to spend some time in this beautiful city. You can judge by the pics that the city center is quite well preserved with a lot of beautiful ancient buildings.


I am so excited about photography scrap that I decided to show you what I do on this  blog. I like to share my hobbies and this one is definitely one of my favs along with making cards for penpals.

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Contouring tutorial

Today, I am going to give a quick tutorial on contouring with photos. The first step of a good contour is complexion makeup. That means primer, colour corrector if needed, concealer, foundation and setting powder. Evening out your skin tone and setting it properly will allow for a smooth contour and overall flawless look. You … Continue reading Contouring tutorial

Easy diner

Pop a deep frozen box of rice carrots and veil in the pan. Heat a tin of salsifies with some spice and olive oil. Add lettuce, tomato and crackers. For dessert, you can bake cookies and serve them with vanilla milk rice. Top it with cinnamon.

In my bubble

In my bubble .... Dreaming of a better world In my bubble ... Hoping for love In my bubble ... Waiting for you.