Samossas and veggies

You need : 2 deep frozen veggie samossas per serving 1 piece of leek/onion/pepper 250g of fresh mushrooms Put the samossa into the oven Cut all the veggies and fry them altogether in a pan with a spoonful of olive oil. You may add paprika or curry to spice it up.

Cheese and veggies

Ingredients for a quick vegetarian meal : Fresh mushrooms Red pepper Onions Potatoes Spices Olive oil Tomatoes Cheese for Fondue Chop the mushrooms, the pepper and onions. Put all the slices on a plate for oven. Sprinkle with and olive oil.  Envelope a potatoe per person in silver paper. Put into the oven for about … Continue reading Cheese and veggies

Banana shortbread

I wanted to taste and bake shortbread for a long time. Now that I'm planning my fall trip to London, I looked for a recipe and found this banana shortbread. Ingredients : Flour 250g Sugar 100g Butter 180g 2 bananas Smash the bananas. Heat the butter to make it smooth. Mix butter and sugar, add … Continue reading Banana shortbread

​Cheesecake with salmon

Cheesecake with salmon fresh spinach lettuce carrots tomatoes shrimps cucumber and homemade yogurt dressing For the dough : Mix 200g of crackers with 70g of liquid butter. Put it in a round cake  mould and press to get a dough. For the cheese stuffing : Mix a small box of fresh cheese like Philadelphia, 200g … Continue reading ​Cheesecake with salmon

Homemade pancakes

What are you doing on a freezing day off? Why, make pancakes. Mix all : 20cl of milk (you can replace a bit with liquid cream) 2 spoons of sugar 2 spoons of baking oil 200g flour Heat a pan with some grease. Put 2 spoons of dough in the pan. Let the dough become … Continue reading Homemade pancakes

Blueberry cheesecake

This cake needs no oven, just a fridge. What you need : 3 boxes of fresh cheese Philadelphia 300g yoghurt Stevia instead of sugar Fruits of your choice Three layers of smooth dough Cream for the whipped cream Gelatin Start by preparing the gelatin : mix one bag with 4 teaspoons of water and wait … Continue reading Blueberry cheesecake

Stuffed onions

I wanted to try a new recipe yesterday evening : stuffed onions. It's really tasty, but be prepared to cry a lot. And it takes quite a moment to scoop the onions. I fried the small onion cuts in olive oil and mixed them with mascarpone and oregano. Then I stuffed each onion with this … Continue reading Stuffed onions