Sephora sale

Sephora offers really interesting sale products.



Sampar Crazy Cream Tan 30 ml – 11,39€  38€

Perfects complexion & maintains 24-hour hydration

Crème teintée UV-défense 30 ml – 11,39€  38€

Sublime le teint & maintient l’hydratation pendant 24H


Getönte Tagescreme mit UV-Schutz 30 ml – 11,39€  38€

Verbessert den Teint & erhält die Feuchtigkeit der Haut 24H



Engergizing moisture gel 50ml – 4,79€ 15,95€

Gel hydratant anti-fatigue 50ml – 4,79€ 15,95€

Feuchtigkeitsspendendes und energisierendes Gel50ml – 4,79€ 15,95€

Daily moisture balm – skin feels better than ever – 50ml 4,79 15,95

Baume hydratant quotidien – bien dans ma peau – 50ml 4,79 15,95

Feuchtigskeitsspende Tagescreme – Feelgood in meiner Haut – 50ml 4,79 15,95

I tested the violet polish “Another dance”, amazing, dries quick and only two layers for a nice result.

The green on is called “tropical fun” and the orange polish “Trick or treat”. Each polish only cost 1€.

J’ai essayé le vernis violet “Another dance”, parfait, sèche rapidement et seulement deux couches pour un joli rendu.

Le vert s’appelle “tropical fun” et le vernis orange “Trick or treat”. Chaque vernis a seulement coûté 1€.

Ich habe den lila Lack “Another dance” ausprobiert, fantastisch, trocknet schnell und nur zweimal drüber und das Ergebnis ist schön.

Der grüne heisst “tropical fun” und der orange Nagellack “Trick or treat”. Jeder Lack kostet nur 1€.


Kate Von D, no use to present this brand. I was happy to grab a lippie for a nice pirce. There was no choice, but I like this blue.

Plus besoin de présenter cette marque. J’étais heureuse de trouver un rouge à lèvres pour un prix tout doux. Il n’y avait pas de choix, mais j’aime bien ce bleu.

Man braucht diese Marke nicht mehr vorzustellen. Ich habe mich echt gefreut, einen Lippenstift zu einm guten Preis zu ergattern. Es war zwar keine Auswahl, aber ich mag dieses blau ganz gerne.


Always nice to have a black eyeliner!

Toujours bien d’avoir un khôl noir.

Immer gut einen schwarzen Augenstift zu haben.


I used the Mini Macaron set by Sephora with coffee colors and added cut out nail patches for the French mani.

💖Cc cream by Sephora💖

You can use it as replacement for foundation
It nourishes the skin. The product is lighter than classic foundation and lets the skin breathe.
You can either leave it or add a loose powder.


Yes it’s this moment again. On my way to a new tattoo. I’m a bit in advance and don’t want to wait in the shop. I slow down my steps and mysteriously my body leads me to Sephora.

Their proper brand is really good quality and not expensive.

I wanted to try their non transfer lipstick. I found a dark green. The color looks stunning.

It’s got a foam tip inside which makes applying super easy.

It stays during hours and doesn’t transfer on cups, glasses or hubby.

If you buy 2 mono eyeshadow, you get the holder for free. I like the idea to build your own palette.

Added a red metallized ink eyeliner. I like the tip which allows to draw super fine lines.

Sephora haul

I love sale in Sephora stores. You can get so amazing bargains. I thought you’d like to discover my latest Sephora haul. 🤣

Day cream : always good to have a facial cream in stock. So I bought 2!

Liquid compact foundation by Estee Lauder at 50% off …. Who could resist?

Dewy glow foundation by Loreal, a must have😚

Pink lippy by Urban Decay on sale, no way that I leave this beauty in the store.💄

Whipped cream highlighter??? Ohhhhhh…

Those two were not on sale, but I really needed new nail scissors and this bottle to fill with my preferred perfume I was looking for since ever 😋

Aaaaaaand got those samples 💋

Do you buy beauty products on sale? Leave a comment and let’s chat😍

Xoxo Vera 💋

Make it up gurl

Just some pics of today’s make-up… Love red lips these days. Dark eyeshadow and faux lashes.

I like my new earrings I bought on the Medieval market in Provins. They totally rock.

Nails mini macaron

Hey beautiful people😍

Small  trip to Sephora on lunchbreak to look for a red gel nail polish. I never bought the red polish, but came back with this small kit Mini Macaron. The packaging is totally adorable.

I had a hard time to choose the color I would try first. 😁

For the first time I did my toe nails with gel polish and decoration.

Blown out eye look with a pop of colour

Hi guys, happy Tuesday!

Today I’m gonna show you how to do this sort of blown out eye look with a pop of colour.



First, I always recommend to start any eye look with a good primer. This will prevent creasing and improve the colour payoff of shadows. I’m using the Urban Decay Original Eyeshadow Primer Potion.


Next, we are going to introduce a warm, light transition shade into the crease with a fluffy brush. Your placement may differ from mine if you have a different eye shape.



Time to add some depth. With a bullet-shaped eyehsadow brush, add a darker brown into the outer corner of the eye, blending it into that transition shade.



To add extra dimension, take a very dark shade on a smudger brush and introduce it into the outer most corner of the eye. Blend it into the dark brown with the bullet shaped brush.



Now, we can soften and blend any edges while highlighting the brow bone with a light cream colour.



Time to add our pop of colour. I opted for green but you can use any colour you like with the same technique! I am going to use a mint green from the Kat Von S Alchemist palette and pack it unto the middle of my eye with my index finger.


I always like to add glitter. I am going to add a light green glitter to the inner corner of the eye, bringing it up unto the mint green a bit for a seamless look.


I am going to do my brows, concealer, wings and lashes now without a how-to. These could all be tutorials for another day. 👍

The next step is to line your waterline with the pop of colour you chose. I am using a lime green cream shadow pencil.


Now, time to introduce that dark brown under the lower lashline with the smudge brush to create balance.


And there you have it! The finished look. Hope you enjoyed this tutorial! Until next week. 👄


Contouring tutorial

Today, I am going to give a quick tutorial on contouring with photos. The first step of a good contour is complexion makeup. That means primer, colour corrector if needed, concealer, foundation and setting powder. Evening out your skin tone and setting it properly will allow for a smooth contour and overall flawless look. You can use liquid or powder foundation, my preference is liquid. Make sure your complexion products match your skintone and work well for your skin type.


Once you have set with powder, you can start using your powder contour products. I always start with a bronzer but you can also use a matte bronze tone from a contour kit. To figure out where to place your bronzer, touch your face and discover where your cheekbone ends. You are going to place your bronzer above that, blending it onto your cheek to warm up your face, add dimension and serve as a base for the next contour colour for a seamless look. I always bronze my chin starting behind my ear.
You can also bronze your forehead if you desire to minimize it.




Last, you want to add a shadow colour right where the cheekbone ends and blend it up into your bronzer. The use of warm and cool tones together will create the illusion of a shadow and a popping cheekbone as well as a slimmer face. I am using a cool tone contour colour from a Kevyn Aucoin palette but any will do.



And there you have it! A simple contour. If you desire to have a stronger contour, you can always add a darker shadowy tone or use more product. Here is the finished result on my face:



Tutorial written and photographed by @neuroticvixenmakeup

Welcome to Neuroticvixen

I am so excited to announce a new collab with my dear friend from Instagram. She is an amazing make-up artist and she will share once a week her talent here on the blog! 💋

Neuroticvixen Makeup

“Hi everyone! My name is Neuroticvixen and I am a makeup artist certified by Sephora with about 3 and a half years experience in the beauty industry. I am going to be featured on this blog weekly to share some makeup tips with you all!”
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