Shooooooooes 👠

Did you say shoeaddiction?

Tu as dit accroc aux chaussures ?

Hast Du gesagt Schuh süchtig?

Did you say shopaholic?

Tu as dit accroc du shopping ?

Du hast gesagt Shopping süchtig?

They called for me ….

Elles m’ont appelée …

Sie haben mich gerufen …

They wanted to come home …

Elles voulaient venir à la maison …

Sie wollten mit nach Hause …

Those shoe orphans needed a new home.

Ces pauvres chaussures orphelines avaient besoin d’une maison.

Diese armen Schuhe brauchten ein neues Zuhause.

Léopard et Badgirl

Hmmmm it’s time for badass gurl💄

Never go to H&M during sale if you aren’t ready to add some new pieces to your dressing.

Hmmmm temps pour être une bad gurl 💄

N’allez surtout pas chez H&M en période de soldes si vous n’êtes pas prêtes à ajouter au moins une pièce à votre dressing.

Es mal wieder Zeit für Bad gurls 💄

Geht bloß nicht zu H&M während Sale. Da müsst Ihr bereit sein ein paar neue Teile in Euren Kleiderschrank zu lassen.

Slim leopard trousers. I like them in grey. It’s totally different from the classic brown and black. The pink sweater with the black comics immediately caught my eye. It was the last one and I didn’t hesitate a sec.

Un jean slim en gris léopard. C’est complètement différent du classique marron et noir. Je n’ai pas pu résister à l’appel du sweat rose avec les comics noirs.

Eine graue Slimjeans. Leopardenmuster, aber bitte in grau und schwarz. Sieht doch gleich viel cooler aus. Jaaaaa den rosafarbenen Comicpulli durfte ich einfach nicht dort lassen. Der gehört ganz klar in meinen Schrank.

Well those are my bargains. I didn’t do too bad. A little under 20€. And this outfit works out well with my low boots I bought in November. By the way they are from H&M too. 😎

Voilou mes petits achats. Loin d’avoir explosé mon budget : un peu moins de 20€. Puis l’ensemble va très bien avec mes bottines que j’ai achetées en Novembre. A H&M d’ailleurs.

Sooooo das sind meine kleinen Schätze. Ich hab ja auch gar nicht so viel ausgegeben : ein bisschen unter 20€. Die schwarzen Boots passen echt gut zu dem Outfit. Die hab ich im November bei H&M gekauft.

And what did you buy during sale? Let’s chat 👠

Et toi? Qu’ as-tu acheté pendant les soldes ?

Und Du? Was hast Du tolles gefunden?

Sale soldes Schlußverkauf

Oh my gosh today is first day of sale in Paris. I’ll try to stay calm.

Wow premier jour des soldes à Paris. Je vais essayer de rester calme.

Erster Tag des Winterschlußverkauf in Paris. Gaaaaaaanz ruhig bleiben.

I’m not going to spend as much money as the other years. I seriously try to get myself a nice quality dressing.

Je ne dépenserai pas autant que les fois précédentes. Je voudrais me créer un dressing de qualité.

Ich werde nicht so viel ausgeben wie die anderen Jahre. Ich möchte einen Qualitätsdressing.

How about you? Comment and let’s chat.

Et toi? Laisse ton commentaire pour discuter.

Und Du? Laß doch einen Kommentar zum Reden.

Stripes are cool

Photoshoot near the Stravinsky Fountain in Paris

Coat by Zara

Trousers by Topshop

Shoes ….. Whoops don’t remember 🙊

Striped shirt by Topshop

Shoes are by Kiabi … Lol I finally remember. I’m not used to buy this brand.

Photos realized by my man @mastermachiavel on Instagram


I got this one on final summer sale with a 70% off bargain 🐰🐰🐰

The style reminds me of haute couture like those amazing pieces from Chanel.

I like to break the super bourgeois style with a wide legged jeans. It’s the only casual piece of the look.

I added my red handbag and my embroidered boots by Zara to complete the outfit.

And …… Just because I can 😘

Vintage shopping Paris

Vintage shopping in Paris : you have the choice in between several second hand shops. There are those with very very low prices, but you have to search in big heaps for the one piece you might like. Then there are well arranged secondhand shops :

🌼Hippy Market🌼

Address : 41 rue du Temple

75004 Paris

🌼 Kiloshop 🌼

This thrift store got two shops in the same street : one is dedicated to Kawaii clothing.

Address : 69-71 rue de la Verrerie

Paris 🇫🇷

Some pics of my thrift store haul

I will put some badges on those denim items. Will post when it’s done.

The black and the pink one come from Japanese Kawaii shops💋❤🐩

I wear my haul with a pencil skirt I bought during summer sale at H&M.

I found the bag in an outlet shop Rue de Rivoli in Paris.

I’m happy with my make up.💄🐩

That’s my face when hubby is making fun of me 😂😂😂

Hope you enjoyed this post

Xoxo Vera 🐩

Vintage in Paris

I love buying clothes in secondhand shops. Usually I go to a “friperie” situated rue de la Verrerie. They sell nice stuff and have boxes where you have to search in a heap of clothes to find the treasure. But those pieces are sold for 1€.

Today I wanted to try another secondhand shop : Guerisol. It’s a kind of chain, they have several shops in Paris. I went to the one next to the subway station Barbes-Rochouard.

Paris is quite different there and not at all touristy. A lot of exotic shops for people from Africa : food, electronics, clothing …. It makes you feel like you have quit France for Africa. 😀

The secondhand shop is quite big and most of the clothes are well arranged. You can easily go through the rackets. Prices start at 1.5€, 3€ for non-branded dresses and 7€ for brands like Zara, Ines de la Fressange x Unicqlo or real leather.
Here we go for my haul 😀

Afternoon with hubby

Hubby dreamt about a new leather jacket for ages, so we finally went to a special shop in Paris.

Front view

Back view

After this nice shopping, we went for a walk before heading back home. Add to this perfect day a delicious Italian icecream.

Tuesday look in black 

Wearing my new shopping trophies! Black mini skirt, paired with a black sweater and boots. All is by Pimkie.ove those little sales at 40% off! My heart just bouncing and pushing me into the shop. Tomorrow I’ll show you Zara.

How are your shopping habits? Let’s talk and exchange 😘

Last look of February

Last day of February… How time flies by! Still cold and cloudy weather. I am so waiting for spring. Ready to wear ballerinas, Burberry trench and nice light clothes.

No more warm jumpers and big jackets!

Today I am wearing my red jacket by Mango with black pants and black leather boots by Mango.