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Wig Life ✨🦋

Yesssss I am wearing wigs. I’m not sick! Today people still believe that you only wear a wig when you are getting cancer treatment or having alopecia. Well no! That […]

Vintage backpack

@vendulalondon on Instagram ・・・ A big thank you Miss Lola for featuring our Birdhouse backpack !! To know more about #fblogger Miss Lola #vintagefashion world and fashion tips visit her […]
Vintage backpack

Get the Nordic touch

This springtime take life easy like women in the North of Europe. How to do? Associate a long boho dress and a pair of sneakers. Add a color block shoulder […]

Shooooooooes 👠

Did you say shoeaddiction? Tu as dit accroc aux chaussures ? Hast Du gesagt Schuh süchtig? Did you say shopaholic? Tu as dit accroc du shopping ? Du hast gesagt […]

Léopard et Badgirl

Hmmmm it’s time for badass gurl💄 Never go to H&M during sale if you aren’t ready to add some new pieces to your dressing. Hmmmm temps pour être une bad […]