✈Musée du Bourget✈

Another stunning place to visit when you come to Paris - museum of aircraft and its history.

Normandy seaside

A day away from Parisian life😄 Sunny weather, blue sky, white clouds... An amazing day on the coast. Eating pancakes Crêpes Never without a coffee Café crème View from the restaurant Stylish for the beachlife Walking on the beach where the Allied Forces during World War 2 landed. Here are so many memories like the … Continue reading Normandy seaside

Different sides of Paris

Every time I walk through the streets of Paris, I take photos. There are always funny,weird,awesome things to see. Streetart is present in so many unexpected places. Fashion is creative and food is surprising. Then there are those buildings you don't expect to see in Paris. I hope you will discover a new Paris, that … Continue reading Different sides of Paris

France Miniature

You should definitely visit France Miniature if you stay in Paris. It's only a jump away from Paris. You'll discover the most amazing miniatures of the French architectural highlights. You'll travel from South to North, from West to East.


Normandy is just one hour away from Paris. By train or by car, you can easily visit this beautiful region. Beaumont le Roger Bernay Harcourt The castle and the arboretum of Harcourt

Rue Vieille du Temple Paris