Provins medieval feast

Every june Provins organizes a medieval gathering. You can assist shows, discover food, learn about ancient crafts. People come as tourists or disguised. Steampunk outfits are often see. A young writer presenting her work. Explaining artcraft. Encampment for those dying of the black death.

Christmas market Paris La Défense

View on the Grande Arche Regional products from Corsica I'm so excited to visit German Christmas markets next week. 🎄

Hessen Germany

Remainings of a castle in Hessen Homedeco shop in Fulda Vegan sweet treats View over the Rhön mountain chain from the Kissinger Hütte Always with us wherever we go ... Kloster Kreuzberg traditional Bavarian hostel

Normandy … Another world

So near to Paris yet such a different universe. Going to Normandy is our weekend escape from the never-ending rush in Paris. You can just decide to spend a day or two in Normandy without especially preparing your trip. Meadows and woods, small villages, castles ... Just take this road or the other one and … Continue reading Normandy … Another world

Paris my love

BHV rue de Rivoli Rue de Rivoli Saint Paul Street art Village Saint Paul Art gallery Hidden squares in the heart of the Village St Paul I got a big truck so I got a big dick. (Parisian humour...) Coffee shop and restaurant Antiques shop ... When I saw this dildo ... I so had … Continue reading Paris my love

Streets of Paris

Near the Centre Pompidou In front of the Grand Palais Quai du marché neuf Flower market

Trip to the Kreuzberg

Every time we stay at our home we make a hiking tour to the Kreuzberg. It's a kind of ritual. Inoui loves the departure. In the background you can distinguish the Kreuzberg. There's this really high antennae on the top. Autumnal season is fabulous. The trees are changing colour and nature looks just fabulous. I … Continue reading Trip to the Kreuzberg

Normandy seaside

A day away from Parisian life😄 Sunny weather, blue sky, white clouds... An amazing day on the coast. Eating pancakes Crêpes Never without a coffee Café crème View from the restaurant Stylish for the beachlife Walking on the beach where the Allied Forces during World War 2 landed. Here are so many memories like the … Continue reading Normandy seaside