Vegetarian spaghetti lemon muffin

I’m so happy that it becomes easier to buy ingredients for vegetarian dishes. Shops offer now kits for meatfree dishes. I like the idea of finding a veggy recipe on a sauce box.

Whole wheat spaghetti contain plenty of nutrients. Their color is brown. Cooking time is about 10 minutes.

You can serve a vegetarian dressing using onion, zucchini, pepper and carrots. Fry the veggies in a pan and when they are golden, add 300 ml of water and the spicy mix. Turn until it’s a creamy aspect.

Add cherry tomato and let it heat for another minute.

You can serve with grated mozzarella or tofu based cheese for the vegan version.

I added green salad for the dressing in the plate.

For dessert : lemon buttermilk cupcakes with blue sprinkles.

Veggy gnocchi blue cheese

I love easy cooking for my weekday meals. This time I prepared the gnocchi as instructed. I put a glass of tomato sauce in my ovenready plate, added the gnocchi. I put some blue cheese slices and grated cheese in top. I put the plate in the preheated oven for 15 minutes quid. And my new London napkin 🇬🇧


Vegetarian meals are so tasteful and easy to prepare. Generally when I go shopping I buy a lot of preserved veggies, various deep frozen food and add a variety of sauces. You should always have quinoa, rice, noodles at home.

This is cheese filled puffy pastry with rice and salsify topped with a curry/coconut sauce.

Veggie steak and pasta

Easy to prepare, quick to eat and totally vegetarian. Prepare the fresh tomatoes and cucumber, prepare your pasta in boiling water. Fry the veggie steak in a pan. When your pasta is ready, mix it with a pesto sauce and cheese. Dress your plates and eat.

For dessert, you can add fresh fruit of the season.

Bon appetit !

Fried Veggies & Vegetarian Nuggets

Total time cooking included : 30 minutes

Ingredients :

  • 1 box of vegetarian nuggets
  • 1 bunch of celery
  • 500g of mushrooms
  • 2 onions
  • 1 box of smashed tomatoes
  • Dried provencal herbs

    How to proceed.

    Clean the celery first and make boil a casserole full of water. You can add salt if you like, celery is very tasteful all by itself. Cook the celery for 20 minutes in the boiling water.

    During this time, you clean and chop the mushrooms and onions.

    Preheat the oven for the vegetarian nuggets. Be sure to choose the right temperature and the cooking time. My nuggets needed 10 minutes in the oven, so I started when I began frying the veggies.

    Chop the celery when it’s boiled and add mushrooms and onions into a pan prepared with olive oil.

    You can use any cooking oil you like, but I love the taste of olive oil added to herbs.

    Sprinkle some herbs on your veggies and continue stirring until onions abd mushrooms are golden brown. Now add the smashed tomatoes and keep stirring for another 3 minutes.

    Serve your veggies and nuggets on a plate.

    Dinner is ready!