Vintage shopping Paris

Vintage shopping in Paris : you have the choice in between several second hand shops. There are those with very very low prices, but you have to search in big heaps for the one piece you might like. Then there are well arranged secondhand shops : 🌼Hippy Market🌼 Address : 41 rue du Temple 75004 … Continue reading Vintage shopping Paris

Renovating and decorating

Every time we go to our second home in Bavaria, we take the time to make big and small improvements. It takes a lot of time for we do all by ourselves. However,it's extremely satisfying to achieve our goals. Adding a new bespread and cushions for the master chamber Equally done for the guestroom Adding … Continue reading Renovating and decorating

Customizing my jeans jacket

I found this jeans jacket by Zara for 7€ quid in a vintage shop. I bought some funny pins during sale. So easy to add a bit of fun to your wardrobe.

Look with a leather skirt

Leather skirts may be looked at as vulgar but it depends on the cut/length/colour and how you wear it. I paired my olive green leather skirt with a nice plain jeans shirt and midheels. If you wear high heels you are at risk to fall into vulgarity. My bag is soooooo big and easy to … Continue reading Look with a leather skirt

Vintage in Paris

I love buying clothes in secondhand shops. Usually I go to a "friperie" situated rue de la Verrerie. They sell nice stuff and have boxes where you have to search in a heap of clothes to find the treasure. But those pieces are sold for 1€. Today I wanted to try another secondhand shop : … Continue reading Vintage in Paris

In love with antiques

I just love antiques stores. And so does hubby. As every first Sunday of each month, we visited hubby's mother in Normandy. It's such a lovely road, especially during spring and summer. All the properties and farm houses are so colourful with all the flowers blooming everywhere. Now back to the antiques shop. It's a … Continue reading In love with antiques