Today will never come again

Happiness doesn’t decrease

Beautiful things happen …

Beautiful things …

You are a diamond


I like creating and especially drawing. I decorate envelopes with drawings and stickers. My sheets of paper are always different. I think it's so nice to receive a personalized letter. m It's so nice to discover that the person who takes time writing to you has even taken the time to decorate the letter with … Continue reading 💄DIY💄


"A creative man is motivated by the desire to achieve, not by the desire to beat others." ~ Ayn Rand ~

I tried to wear your love

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The days will run on by us

The days will run on by us No eye-contact, single-file Mile by mile they will pass us All the while we try to connect Try to talk to the days that pass While our flesh wrinkles And eyes turn to dust Our bodies, Collasping to the ground Into heaps of bones All the seven days […] … Continue reading The days will run on by us